7 Chess Games Earning 100% Money Proven No Cheats

Often we know and have heard of games that can make money on Playstore or on other services. Well boss is one of the different games that can make money.” Chess game Earn Money” This game is available on Google Play Store Yes Boss.

This game is indeed considered to be very brain-stimulating, but even though it is fun, not a few people like this game of chess, both young and old.

Moreover, the development of chess games is currently very much Online Boss, online chess game tournaments are often posted on social media and even the prizes are sometimes attractive.

Apart from that, there are also many people who play chess with the aim of making money in the game of chess. Maybe one of them is my boss who reads this article, if you want to know just look below.

Chess game at a glance

Chess game is a strategy board game played by two people on a grid of squares. The number of squares is 64 divided into two and each player has 32 squares.

The way to play is to pay attention to the opponent’s chess moves. Each player has 16 chess. This is a glimpse of a game of chess, but this time it’s my boss.

The chess game we are discussing is a chess game that makes a lot of money.


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Is it really safe and guaranteed to pay to play chess?

Before we discuss whether this online chess game is safe or not, it’s good to know first whether this game is really paid or just a game. Let’s check with my boss.

Some information related to this chess game, not a few say that it’s right to pay the players, but whether it’s true or not, we can’t say for sure my boss.

But luck is in everyone’s hands, my boss is trying to find out if he can make any money. Besides, regarding this chess game, my boss must be smart and good at the game.

Because sometimes online Chess game It will run chess tournament and if you can win enough my boss can get money or rupees so this is my advice my boss should train his mind more by playing chess.

Talking about the safety of the game of chess, not a few people ask from related news that this chess game is 100%. Work But that’s not necessarily a guarantee of security.

It is a pity that if you are still playing and the account is closed, you cannot give the accumulated points, because many people are afraid of refusing to use this game, being banned, etc.

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2022 new types of chess games make money

After getting to know chess games at a glance, this time we will discuss about the latest types of chess games that can make money, see below.

Big time chess

The second money making game is chess. Chess big time Boss, we think this game can be my boss’s suggestion, because the gameplay is very simple, you just need to play a chess video game.

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If luck is on your side, you will be rewarded with dollars in the game of chess.

Chess Blitz Puzzles

The first chess game that we will discuss is a puzzle. Chess Blitz Of course we all know this game. You can’t find this game on google playstore, yes, but you can play this game on your mobile. Android My Boss.

This gaming system is where you place chess bets, which means that if you are selected in the bet, you can play chess and possibly win money. But we still say that each of you can bear the risk, my boss.

Chess Royale

You may have heard of the most popular online chess game, my boss, today is one of them. Chess Royale .

Many people who play this chess game with the dream of making money from the game and not a few who fail to make money from this online chess game.

How to play you will meet many enemies and of course you have to defeat the enemy so that later you can produce the rupiah chest that my boss wants.

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Hot red pawn

You can’t download this one app in playstore pack because it’s not available and it’s a red hot Pawn chess game online It’s one of many online sites.

You see, to play it, you must first register using a Facebook account, the procedure is very simple, my boss, of course, must be able to beat your opponent in order to enjoy it. Money from this online chess game.


This is the next game of chess that can make money. MBChese . If you like chess tournaments, you are certainly no stranger to this game.

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The game offers tournaments with coin prizes. If you can win a game of chess, you will get a prize of rupees or coins that can be exchanged for some money.

Hurry up, if you want to earn money from this online chess game, you can play it right away, boss.

speed cheese

The newest money-making game is chess. Speed ​​chess You can also recommend this game for tournaments which you can use to earn rupees.

By collecting as many coins as possible, if the coins collected are more than the match score, you can cash through the game. PayPal My boss to your account.

So my boss, an article about 7 chess games that make 100% money, there is no way we can write in this article, hopefully.


MPL Speed ​​Chess

next to Chess games that make money can be recommended. MPL Speed ​​Chess , your game can’t find this in playstore, only in my boss mpl app.

The process is generally like playing chess with your opponent, my boss. Well before you play chess, then you have to wait for other players to be willing to become enemies or opponents.

In terms of time, each player is limited in time and must wait their turn.

Rewards for players who beat the game are scalable diamonds. gopey or Linkaja.

The price of one diamond is Rp. 200, of course, the amount is not much, but if you can often win the game then you will collect a lot of money.

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