Who to Follow on YouTube If You’re an Aspiring Entrepreneur

Who to Follow on YouTube If You’re an Aspiring Entrepreneur If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and want to make a name for yourself on the internet, you’ve probably heard about YouTube. It’s an online video sharing platform and social media that was launched on February 14, 2005 by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen. Now owned by Google, YouTube is the second most visited website after Google Search. So, who should you follow on YouTube? Here are some ideas:

Gary Vaynerchuk

When Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t on the road promoting his latest company, he’s probably doing something else that is equally as exciting—running a winery. This successful entrepreneur began his career in New Jersey, working at his father’s liquor store.

He learned the ins and outs of business by selling wine, and soon discovered the potential of Youtube. He launched a successful wine-tasting business, Wine Library TV, which helped his family’s business by promoting its wines.

During this time, he replied to every single tweet on the site, which became one of the most popular social media sites. In five years, Gary Vaynerchuk grew the business into what it is today: a full-service advertising agency with five locations and a chairmanship. During the late 1990s

Gary Vaynerchuk has a huge following on YouTube. His videos are packed with helpful information on topics ranging from business to marketing to finance. His content covers a range of topics, from business strategy to marketing, from business models to entrepreneurship to human resources.

GaryVee’s channel has more than 2,000 videos, and the content on his channel is constantly growing. With over three million subscribers, this video channel is a fantastic resource for new business owners, as well as those looking for motivation.

Marie Forleo

Oprah has dubbed Marie Forleo a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” whose digital learning empire reaches millions of women. Her YouTube channel offers tips and advice on starting an online business and overcoming obstacles.

Her channel has featured interviews with big-name entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins, Oprah, and more. Forleo has also teamed up with the startup community Startup Grind to create the best business YouTube channel.

The Marie Forleo entrepreneur YouTube channel contains videos on topics ranging from creating an effective business plan to how to improve customer service. In addition to her books and videos, her YouTube channel is a valuable source of motivation and inspiration.

In addition to teaching people how to become successful, she also has her own television show, which has garnered over 700,000 subscribers and 65 million views. In addition to her YouTube channel, Marie Forleo has her own TV show, MarieTV. In addition to being a top-ranked thought leader, her YouTube channel offers tips on how to be an effective boss and entrepreneur.

One of the most compelling aspects of Forleo’s content is her personal experience. Her personal home renovation videos are an excellent source of advice, giving people behind-the-scenes access to the process. Additionally, Forleo has been hailed as a “thought leader” by Oprah and is a respected businesswoman who has inspired millions. Forleo’s YouTube channel is also packed with business advice.

Fast Company

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, you should check out Fast Company on YouTube. The business magazine is one of the world’s leading progressive media brands, with editorial themes centered around design and leadership.

You can watch their videos for business advice, brand evolution videos of famous brands, and interviews with influential people. There are over 110,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel, and they upload 3-5 videos every week. Here’s what you need to know about Fast Company on YouTube.

The first issue of the magazine was published in 1995 and aimed to be a handbook for a new era of business. The book was written by Bill Taylor and Alan Webber, two former editors of Harvard Business Review.

Now, they continue to serve as the voice of the business revolution. It’s no surprise that the show is so popular. Fast Company continues to inspire and inform millions of readers. The editors of Fast Company are committed to creating new ways to innovate and succeed.

One of Fast Company’s signature franchises is the World’s Most Innovative Companies. It offers a snapshot of innovation across the most dynamic sectors, providing a road map for the future. In addition to examining innovative companies, the magazine covers pressing issues in society. And it’s all free! It’s a must-have for any technology geek or entrepreneur’s media library. Take a look! You’ll be amazed at what you can learn about new companies on YouTube.


TED is a great place to learn about different aspects of entrepreneurship and how to become successful. Many of the speakers in TED Talks have been successful in their own fields and are eager to share their expertise.

TED Talks can be extremely helpful to entrepreneurs because they will help you overcome some of the barriers to getting started in your field. For instance, there is talk about pitching to investors. If you’re considering applying for venture capital, TED Talks can help you understand how to best pitch your idea to investors.

One great speaker to watch is Larry Smith, who talks about the importance of following your passion. TED Talks are collections of thousands of short videos on topics related to solving the world’s problems with innovative business solutions.

You should watch as many as you can to inspire yourself. In order to become successful, you should always start by building a solid team. Once you have these two things in place, you’ll be on your way to becoming an entrepreneur.

Another great speaker on entrepreneurship is Maggie Anderson. She grew up in Liberty City, Miami, and was a congressional assistant for Congressman John Lewis. In one year, she and her family only bought from black-owned businesses. This experience teaches her the importance of collaboration and making alliances with other business people.

The lessons learned from her TED Talk can be applied to your own business as an entrepreneur. It is a good idea to listen to as many TED Talks as you can to gain valuable insights.

One of the most important lessons to learn when becoming an entrepreneur is to be unique. Remember that a great product must be remarkable. To make their product or service stand out, entrepreneurs need to target obsessive people in their niche market.

Once they are sold on your product, they’ll spread the word about your business. As an entrepreneur, you must also be aware of the negative self-talk that accompanies the idea.

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