What to Look for in a Marketing Hub

What to Look for in a Marketing Hub. Features, functionality, cost, and user limits are the most important considerations when selecting a marketing hub. To make the most of each tool, we’ll go through what to look for in a marketing hub in this post.

No matter if you want to automate your marketing or engage a team of experts, Marketing Hub is the best solution.. From the creation of target audiences for ads to the segmentation and customisation of contacts, it does it all automatically.

In addition, the platform reveals where traffic, leads, and income are coming from and how effective the material is. As well as standard reports, the platform offers bespoke reports. Specialists in marketing should use Marketing Hub Professional.


Marketing Hub Professional may be a good option if you’re looking for a marketing automation platform. Marketing automation, social media management, a blog and CTAs are just some of the additional capabilities included in this package. Intelligent and dependent fields allow you to personalize your marketing materials and streamline repetitive operations.

Even if you work in a completely different field, you’ll benefit from these advantages. Choosing Marketing Hub Professional as a marketing automation platform will help your team work more efficiently.

Using HubSpot’s email tool, you can effortlessly send out a large number of emails to your customers. A variety of devices and email clients can be tested to ensure that the emails look good on all of them.

The form reports allow you to track metrics over time and by kind so that you can make changes. You can track the success of your email marketing campaigns with the help of the email platform’s comprehensive analytics. Even your competitors’ email efforts can be tracked. You’ll be able to tell if the emails you’re sending are having an impact.

When it comes to marketing initiatives, landing pages are a crucial component. Customers are more inclined to buy when they arrive at a website that has been well developed.

Drag and drop modules to alter HubSpot Marketing Hub landing pages to make them more appealing. Text and photos can be easily added using the editors. The free version of Marketing Hub can be used by a marketing team on a tight budget.


You’ll need a platform that makes data management and reporting simple and effective if you want to automate your marketing. Using Marketing Hub Professional, you’ll be able to create and track marketing programs, as well as monitor their success.

Advanced segmentation options on the platform allow you to target specific groups of customers based on things like their buying habits and past purchases. You’ll be able to keep tabs on the progress of your team and base your judgments on facts rather than guesswork.

In terms of functionality, HubSpot offers two options: the free HubSpot platform and the paid HubSpot Professional platform. Marketing automation and multivariate testing are two of the many features available in Marketing Hub Professional.

If one of the versions proves to be less successful, HubSpot will automatically revert to the most successful one with the second choice. A professional marketing hub and HubSpot platforms are both options for your marketing campaign. For those who don’t have the money to invest in two or three of them, choose a less expensive option.

All of your marketing team’s needs are met by the HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional. Any company’s growth can be accelerated through the use of campaigns. Your team’s efforts will be better aligned and their targets will be met with the help of this marketing automation solution. Omni-channel automation is also supported by the platform’s features. Automating your marketing efforts across many channels, including your website, may be done using this.


Packages Basic and Business have been rolled into one to create the Professional package. However, if you want to make full advantage of HubSpot’s features, the Professional plan is the way to go.

Unlimited users, 1000 contacts, and automated email marketing tools are all included in this plan at no additional cost. Your firm will receive more leads if you use these solutions to automate chores.

In contrast, there are no restrictions with the Enterprise package. The monthly cost of the Professional package is $1200. Additional prices include $4,200 for the Enterprise plan and $113 per month for the Starter package. Consider acquiring the Growth Suite if you plan to use more than one hub.

The most expensive option is $2,450 for the complete package. An specialist provides five hours of inbound and technical consulting.

Two consultants work five hours a month on the premium package. If you need extra time, you can upgrade to a more expensive package for an additional $400.

Five hours of inbound marketing consulting each month are included in the Premium package, which has two consultants. The entry-level plan is $600. You can always add more features later if you decide you need them.

Marketing Hub Professional and Service and Sales Hub can be purchased as part of the Professional Growth Suite. Despite the fact that this package costs around $1,700, it is not a viable alternative for small enterprises.

The Enterprise Growth Suite, which includes Service Hub Professional, Sales Hub Enterprise, and Marketing Hub Enterprise, is an option if you require additional functionality than those included in the Professional bundle. HubSpot’s Enterprise Growth Suite is an investment of $5,600, but it’s well worth it.

Limits imposed by the user

A restricted set of capabilities are available with a free marketing hub account. Your leads and prospects may not be able to get in touch with you efficiently because of the marketing hub’s limited email capacity.

The marketing hub’s CRM cannot be used by free users in high-stakes circumstances, and the platform’s restricted capabilities are not ideal for every situation.. Sending automatic emails, updating lists, moving contacts, and triggering automated tasks are all not possible with the free account.

Marketing Hub Professional includes an SSL certificate, unlimited marketing contacts, A/B testing, 50 connected accounts, and 10,000 posts per month, among many more features. Tracking results and scheduling posts for up to three years are among the premium features.

However, free plans come with a slew of restrictions, so you’ll want to be prepared. Features such as the following are among the most important ones: If you have more than 2,000 marketing contacts, Marketing Hub Professional is the tool for you.

You’ll need to upgrade to Marketing Hub Professional if you intend to use a CRM as your primary marketing tool. There are only a few basic reports available in the free edition of the software. There are 25 reporting dashboards and 100 custom reports available with the HubSpot Professional premium subscription, which costs roughly $500 per month. Custom reports cannot be added to the free version.

Testing that is responsive to the results of previous tests

If you want to make your website more effective, adaptive testing is a necessary. Assigning different levels of rights to different users and tracking conversion rates across different versions are all possible with this tool. Optimizing your website with adaptive testing is the best approach to make it easy for clients to locate what they are looking for. A/B testing on steroids is adaptive testing.

Your website’s performance can be improved by conducting adaptive testing, which evaluates how different variations of content affect your visitors. Your website will please visitors and support your inbound growth strategy if you conduct the proper testing.

HubSpot’s business marketing platform already includes adaptive testing for marketing hub experts. Any page of your website or landing page can use this feature with HubSpot. Make your website more effective by using these three suggestions.

The first step in this process is to identify which pages need adaptation. Start by identifying the pages that have low conversion rates. Once you have found these pages, create a new original page with a form and choose which element you’d like to change.

Once you’ve decided which elements you’d like to change, select the variation that is most likely to increase conversions. Repeat this process for at least four variations.


With the help of marketing hub professional integrations, you can automate the process of connecting all your social media accounts. In addition to connecting 50 social media accounts, you can schedule and send 10,000 updates a month.

With the help of integrations with CRM and eCommerce systems, you can create hundreds of workflows. Similarly, you can connect HubSpot to Salesforce. This will enable you to track the performance of your website traffic and expand your contact database. HubSpot Professional also allows you to connect to up to 10,000 Salesforce users.

With the help of integrations, you can automate your daily activities. You can automate lead routing, property filling, and internal notifications. The marketing hub supports a variety of tools for email automation.

Among other things, it can integrate with Facebook and Google Ads. You can also create workflows to automate other tasks, such as copying contact details. There are several types of marketing hub integrations available, but it’s best to check the features that are most convenient for your business.

With the help of a marketing hub professional, you can automate your social media strategy and run automated campaigns at scale. It allows your team to work seamlessly with your team. Because campaigns are the key growth accelerator for any business, they should be run with the support of automation.

By using a marketing hub professional, your team can be sure that all efforts are aligned, reducing friction and delivering the results you desire. Furthermore, you can use omni-channel automation to create highly personalized campaigns across different channels.

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