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this time we will discuss a film that will be released next year, 2022 where this film stars one of the famous actors Dwayne Johnson. yes BLACK ADAM which we will discuss this time has a new take on Black Adam from director Jaume Collet-Serra’s upcoming 2022 film. Dwayne Johnson tweeted a new image of the character that will be used for the cover of an upcoming issue of Total Film.

nonton film black adam (2021)

The image features a close-up of the hooded Black Adam (played by Johnson). In the tweet, Johnson wrote, “You’re right. Superheroes don’t kill bad people. But I do.” – #BlackAdam. The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is changing.” Johnson was cast as the character in 2014. When filming finished in July, Johnson posted on Instagram “I knew years ago, the opportunity for me to make BLACK ADAM was ONCE. IN CAREER EVENTS. It’s my honor to work shoulder to shoulder with a crew of over 1,000 brilliant and hungry filmmakers and storytellers to bring the antihero known as BLACK ADAM to life.”nonton film black adam (2021)

Johnson also starred in this year’s Jungle Cruise (also directed by Collet-Serra) and Red Notice (directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber). Johnson will take another trip to the DC Universe in 2022, where he will voice Superman’s dog Krypto in the animated DC League of Super-Pets (directed by Jared Stern). Joining Johnson in the film are Noah Centineo (as Atom Smasher), Aldis Hodge (as Hawkman), and Pierce Brosnan (as Doctor Fate/Kent Nelson).

Collet-Serra’s previous directing work includes 2018’s The Commuter (starring Liam Neeson), 2016’s The Shallows (starring Blake Lively), and 2015’s Run All Night (starring Neeson, Joel Kinnaman, Common, and Ed Harris). Serra previously referred to Black Adam as the “Dirty Harry of superheroes”. “The world isn’t black and white. It’s gray in areas,” Collet-Serra said, “so you need people riding in those gray areas.”


Black Adam is slated for release on July 29, 2022. Meanwhile, fans can check out the trailer for another DC Johnson film DC League of Super-Pets online. Check out the new Black Adam pictures

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black adam movie storyline

hi hai sulsel come to channel breakdown
Universe a few weeks ago doing
Johnson Eke drop in IG post
the tv gives a leak to fans
about the characters and also the plot Story
from the upcoming film Black Adam
Of course, this makes a lot of acting
fans are curious and guessing about
How is the Solo movie from Black Adam?
which will be released on 22 Dec
2021 is coming and will be a part
from DC Mom, in this video we are
will review more deeply about
details of rumors and theories circulating
about the movie Black cool and us too
I’ll see how the plot goes
will be presented in this film and also
characters that will appear in this film
where the rumors in our movie will be
see Justice Society of america too
the original story of black Adam who
Dark and his battle potential with
Superman in this movie before us
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Let’s discuss our topic this time black
cool finally sure will enter
the lineup of DC superhero films that are
worked on by color browstudio after
Previously this project was delayed
for 10 years this film itself will
started filming in the summer of the year
this and will be towed directly by jaume
collet-serra even so arrived
now still no confirmation
official from the studio related to
cash and also the story plot that will
featured in this film so far
the fans only get some
a leak from the main character who is
are two jonneke drop a few
Recently posted a lot on
His personal Instagram about training
front to play the character Black
cool and also answer some
Questions from fans about characters
what he will play is a leak
Of course, this is a guide for
fans to analyze the potential plot
stories and characters that will appear in
in this film some rumors that
often heard about this film is
related to Leaf Story of black
Adam who will become
anti-hero of the Justice Society of
America in this film well inside
KYT post about Black Adam by
two Johnson’s tv the fans will
given story instructions that will
carried in this film which
mention that Black cool is
supervillain who will become anti-hero
where this character is very identical
with Dark element in him
Besides that he also mentioned that
Black cool version to be played on
This film will take the story of
Origin Story Black cool in comic Jesse
volume one issue 42 and 43 years
the building is told as a person who
named tit Adam who was born in kandap
in ancient Egypt 12000 BC
BC ago who was a son
from the first ramsis nah Shazam
magician of the orange two yang
feel old then look for
Champions to inherit his power
well then Shazam marveled at the courage
and honesty owned by the team
adab Shazam then chose Adam to
inherit his power but before only
inherited her power Princess Shazam who
evil named Blaze made a pact
with God set where in agreement
it makes tit Adam not only
get Shazam’s power when he
mention Shazam’s name or but also
gain the power of 6 Egyptian Gods
others like suheru Amon jehuty
our account and Man and then serve
the kingdom of Egypt as a hero for
years but this task
it makes the set even further away from
his hometown is handap far from
his wife
Duta and his son have a few letters
years later people were ripped off and
his family was killed by an evil witch
named ah ton who is a subordinate of
Vandes Savage he used
out-of-range but with help from
fiqh mystery girls and also Captain
Marvel that comes from the future
with the nabu witch, finally Adam can
catch and kill acton after
This incident went unnoticed and then continued
his duty to serve farao during
many years until then he started
to take over the government
Khandaq and rule in his village
with dictatorial style though before
already reminded by Captain Marvel stinks
this will be the cause of his downfall
later after seeing Adam who has
damaged by its power and also
see that bless is taking advantage of Adang
for his evil plan especially after
Adam who killed Roar ramsis two
Shazam then confines the soul from the power
Adam in the relief of the amulet of
it was later buried by Shazam in
the tomb of Ramses two and since then Adam
later got the nickname from Shazam
as camp Dam aka Black cool Okay
if we connect this story with
universal film Shazam of course we can
speculated that Black Adam was
Last Champions voted by
season wizard and Council of Wizard
to get k
strength however
unfortunately due to the death of the family
and people don’t he become vindictive
and then use the power of Shazam
to avenge the possibility
Also Black Adam whether intentionally or not
he accidentally released Seven Deadly Sins
with his power to be able to kill
acton and fasting Not only in the cage
but also in all of Egypt finally
might cause a lot of casualties
soul that ends in extinction
civilization in the cage is roughly like
that’s what the JNE rumors came about
Well, at first, it came from interviews
Screen blends with Johnson’s Blend for
his newest movie promotion which is
Jumanji The Next Level on November 21
last year in this interview wedding
Johnson confirmed that we will
introduce it to you world
from Jesse another rumor that arose from
multiface morpheme which states that
The studio is currently looking for
actors and actresses who will play
role as hop Man IC Stargirl atom
smasher doctor fade Saigon and also How
Blake’s own girl will tell
about the changing Champion Shazam
become a film that tries to dominate
all existing magic power and
will destroy everything
blocking his way on Connect The
Power of Zen volume one issue 9 years
1995 recounts the AMOLED relief that
save the soul and power of black
Adam was later found by the expedition
archaeologist funded by Dr
well in the tomb of Ramses these two expeditions
himself involved Sisi Benson the father of
Benson and his wife Merlin and
his assistant Rio cool is obsessed with
the power of this amulet Vio then
killed Beth slutty his wife then
take this amulet Tio Adam then
knowing that he is Black
Adam and then learn to
master the power of this amulet
after seeing select the gasoline
be the captain of Marvel view Adam then
say the name Shazam and then
possessed by the soul and strength of the team
Adam until finally Black Adam too
reborn after that it begins
the battle between Black Adam and
Captain Marvel ending with
defeat of black Adam during relic
Black Adam’s amulet shattered in hand
Captain Marvel despite his strength
later will be resurrected by
Captain Marvel to help him in
war between gods short story then
Adam then reverts to
the main personality of black is there
replaces Adam’s claimed theory
bring evil influence on him
regardless of Tio’s evil influence it’s cool
decades ago entered the Justice Society of
America as a professional remember
under supervision or semester and
also Captain Marvel after undergoing
various adventures with Justice
Society Black Adam then left JSS
after being criticized for his brutal way
in upholding justice and
after Jesse let the supervillain
cobra to stay alive Ben Adams ago
form their own team
consists of Mister playing eclipso and
Nemesis and also or target season
the beginning of this team is killing
cobra and after successfully killing si
Black Adam cobra and his team then continue
by overthrowing the Repressive regime
taken from the hometown of Lex adab
after Black Adam and his team succeeded
save Black Adam’s cage as well as
His team is also adored by the people of will
and eventually became the leader of
kendel There is a high chance of a Solo movie
mini blockade will
and around the distant 90s
before the appearance of the filebase ne this thing
based on mermaid confirmation
Johnson to the screen brake that Black
Adam will not fight with Shazam
in this film and also because of the 90s
are the glory days of Justice
Society of America before the end
changed to Justice League Of
America and Justin Slank this movie can
so it will combine the stories
Flashback Black cool when you get
strength alone sing dak dan
Black Adam joins Justice
Society of them until finally Black
Adam came out and became an anti-hero and
conflicted with members of Justice
The rumored Society of America
before and that’s all Tio’s character
Adam will also appear as a key
the resurrection of Black Adam in this film
maybe also a small version of bilben will
appears in this film as a Cameo
to show the backstory of bad
Saint who will become an orphan
after both parents
well killed by Tio Adam and this will
connect two movies between Shazam and
also Black cool apart from the number we discussed
this also appears another rumor If
black Adam will fight Superman in the movie
The solo will be in the Superman comic
also Black cool actually already
engage in multiple fights
like in DC Comic raison issue 49 years
1982 and also action comics issue 831 years
2005 this fighting fox is actually
based on some of my posts
Jansen on his instagram that mentions
about the New Era of DC Universe and
the power hierarchy in DC that will be
changed where the fans are a lot
interpret this as a sign that
Black Adam will beat Superman
until then
t this be a character
central and strongest in DC superhero o
studio performance is likely
presents a new Superman character
replaces Henry Cavill who
terminated his contract as a supernet
maybe in this movie Superman
will be defeated by Black
guessed her magic power which was also
is Superman’s weakness besides
kryptonite maybe other jsl members too
will fight together with Superman
to defeat Black Adam with
destroy the AMOLED relief like
what happens in comics when you’re born in
the aichi tv drop says I don’t
preparing for the fight between Superman
and Black Adam might be just down the road
it hints that push yourself
It turns out that I have thought of
involving the Superman B franchise
but really didn’t think of
done in the first movie maybe in
next movies but remember this
It’s just rumors and theories, you don’t exist yet
strong facts to support this so
it can be right and wrong for sure we are
can wait for confirmation from the studio
and release the trailer at the San Diego event
comic-con which will be held on
July 25, 2021 stop Solo
what’s the main thing, what’s going to happen?
in the later Black Adam movie and characters
what hero or movie will be
more this movie and if you have
own opinion and theory Please
write in the comments column Yes Gang, don’t
forget to like this video and subscribe
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others for things not to lose
have fun and see you in the video
Next I’m Ryan keep exploring the

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