1. Apa bentuk pengaruh budaya Hindu-Buddha yang masih dilakukan masyarakat setempat?

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1. Apa bentuk pengaruh budaya Hindu-Buddha yang masih dilakukan masyarakat setempat?

Kunci jawaban
KUNCI JAWABAN sejarah indonesia kelas 10 halaman 85 uji kompetensi dan tugas bab 2

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, 1. Apa bentuk pengaruh budaya Hindu-Buddha yang masih dilakukan masyarakat setempat?which one of  these body part words was new 

for you? I would   love to know which one of these helped you to  expand your vocabulary so that you can speak   confidently in daily life. Well, thank  you so much for learning English with me   and

 I’ll see you again next Friday for a new  lesson here on my YouTube channel. Bye. The next   step is to

 download the free PDF worksheet for  this lesson. With this free PDF, you will master   today’s lesson and never forget what you have  learned. You can be a confident English speaker.   Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel  for a free English lesson every Friday. Bye. Vanessa: Hi, I’m Vane

ssa from SpeakEnglishWithVanessa.com. Are you ready to learn a lot of English? Let’s do it. I have a little secret or surprise to share with you. For the last year I have been making 10 second to 30 se

cond quick, rapid fire English lessons for a social media channel that I have in China. You can check it out here if you are in China. But I thought, why should my lovely YouTube students, you, miss out on these English lessons? So today I have compiled 84 rapid fire English lessons that you can study

 today to improve your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and cultural knowledge of American English. 84 lessons is a lot, so I have created something spectacular for you. I have created a huge PD

F worksheet that you can download for free that has everything you will learn today. I hope that this worksheet will help you never forget what you’ve learn

ed and feel excited about English. So make sure you click on the link below this video to download the free PDF worksheet. All right, let’s get started with these 84 rapid fire English lessons for beginner

s and intermediate English learners. Don’t forget to click on CC to view the full subtitles so that you don’t miss a word that I say. All right, here goes. In America, these are pants. These are pants. But in the UK these are trousers. Trousers. So what are pants in the UK? You wear pants inside your trousers. They’re this. So be careful. In A

merica, these are pants but in the UK these are pants. Do you know how to describe this shirt in English? It is a long-sleeved shirt. It has a color and it has buttons. Sometimes we call this a button up s

hirt. A button up shirt. I’m wearing a short-sleeved shirt. This is the sleeve and it’s short. This is the sleeve and it’s long. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved. This is a tank top. A tank top has no sleeves. This tank 

top has a built in bra. This is a piece of elastic inside the shirt. This is also a tank top but you can call this also a spaghetti strap tank top because the straps are thin like spaghetti. It’s a spaghetti strap tank 

top. Jeans. Jeans. Khakis. Khakis. Sweat pants. Sweat pants. Women wear leggings. Leggings. Or sometimes we call these yoga pants. Yoga pants. What’s this? It’s a 1. Apa bentuk pengaruh budaya Hindu-Buddha yang masih dilakukan masyarakat setempat?

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