KUNCI JAWABAN bahasa inggris kelas 7 halaman 171 chapter 7

na form of government or school in dealing with or in carrying out health protocols, namely by implementing a learning system from home or a distance this will reduce the spread of the corona virus itself and will reduce the percentage of deaths and.

but on the other hand a student also has an impact from this system, namely the online learning system, this usually makes the younger siblings lazy to learn, lazy to type in learning and Malaysia also to do assignments given by the teacher.
and worst of all, a student is very difficult in completing the assignment given by the teacher because most of them do not understand what the teacher explains because the learning media is through online or online media such as whatsapp instagram facebook and so on as the media used to implement learning.
Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 7 halaman 171 chapter 7 bab 7 halaman 171 bahasa inggris
well for that, sis here sis is here to be a solution for the younger siblings in completing the tasks given by the teacher in solving problems that younger siblings experience, one of which is the form that you can give is by providing a discussion of the answer key to an adequate task. -adek do it.
It is hoped that with the discussion that you give about the answer keys to the tasks that the younger siblings have assigned by the teacher, you hope that this discussion can help younger siblings in completing the assignments given by the teacher on time

Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 7 halaman 171 chapter 7 I’m Proud of Indonesia!

1. Udin is showing his pride of Indonesia’s land. This is what he is saying: “The land is very fertile. Farmers grow many kinds of vegetables and fruits. They also grow coconuts. Indonesian people eat a lot of vegetables like spinach, carrots, long beans, egg plants, cabbages, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, chillies, kangkung, and many others.”

2. Lina is very proud of Indonesia’s local fruits. This is what he is saying: “We also grow many kinds of fruit. We call them local fruits, like guavas, bananas, rambutans, durians, mangoosteens, soursops, papayas, pineapples, and salak. Some people call it a snake fruit. They are all very nice, sweet, and juicy. We eat them fresh. We also make delicious juice of them. We also dry many kinds of fruits to make crackers.”

3. Dayu is talking about Indonesia’s spices. This is what she is saying: “Indonesia is also rich with spices, like pepper, corriander, ginger, clove, cinnamon, tumeric, galanga, lemon grass, bay leave, and so on.We use them to cook very spicy Indonesian foods.People also make nice healthy drinks from them. They are useful for our health.”

4. Siti is proud of Indonesia’s sea animals. This is what she is saying: “Many kinds of fish, big and small, live in the Indonesian seas. Most of us eat fish with our meals. We also eat shrimp and different kinds of shellfish. But we don’t eat big fish, like dolphins and sharks. We protect them.We also protect our turtles.”

5. Beni is talking about Indonesia’s farm animals.This is what he is saying: “Indonesia also raise different kinds of animals for their meat, like cows, goats, pigs. We get beef from the cow, mutton from the goat, and pork from the pig.Some ethnic groups even eat horse meat. Our milk is usually from cows. Of course we also have chickens. They give us meat and egg

and I also really hope that with the discussion about the eternal answer key for this, you also hope that you can get a perfect score and that means that the value exceeds that it can help younger siblings in class advancement later.
here, you want to remind your siblings not to be lazy in the learning process or school because currently technological developments cannot be contained, which means that one must follow the development of technology or the times so that the person is not left behind and is also safe.
In the form of measuring the development of the era, the children can take part in school file activities, where the little ones can get knowledge where this knowledge can be used to quote the times, one of which is to get a job.
in here do not do not want to remind again that brother very sure if that brother made this discussion can obtain a value which is perfect for younger siblings as well.
case is because the sister quite sure if the brothers wrote the sister gave this answer Adek Adek can obtain at least a score of 90.
this is because in answering the questions from the tasks of the younger siblings before, asu already understands what the questions want and you also understand what the question material is, so you are quite sure if the answers you give can help you get grades which is so big.
The question is also usually looking for the source of the answer key from other sites where the function of not looking for the answer key is that you can look for a comparison from the answer you made so that you can conclude the most appropriate and correct answer so that the answer can be used by you. brothers and sisters.
here, you want to remind me that you still advise my siblings to do the assignment first and then if in the work of the questions on the assignment there are answers that are not known or there are questions that are very difficult, you may use the alternative answers that we made. .
If the siblings do this, the siblings have practiced a disciplined attitude to work hard and never give up, it is hoped that with this attitude you can face problems that will come in the future.
where these problems can be resolved whether it is problems at school such as assignments or problems outside of school so that the brothers and sisters solve them by themselves without the help of others without the help of parents or without assistance of their own accord.
in here also do not forget the sister also want to remind all the brothers that sisters can not 100% sure who that sister gave this discussion can get a perfect score.
this is because the most appropriate and correct answer key will basically return to the teacher of each student as well as tanto, that is, you want to invite your siblings to go to politics in writing the answer key that you made.

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