KUNCI JAWABAN bahasa inggris kelas 7 halaman 162 chapter 7

Hi friends, welcome to this blog, brother, I will share an article that discusses a very important topic, where is it this time, but this time I will discuss about the world of education.

which is where this time you will discuss the answer key, which is where the answer key is very important for a student where this answer key will help students complete the assignment given by the teacher.

Introducing a little about the mini ball, brother, which made it specifically aimed at discussing the world of education such as discussion of answer keys from various subjects and levels and also brothers and sisters, please focus on discussing learning materials and material for test questions.

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Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 7 halaman 162

1. Udin is saying that his father is a good man, because …

– He loves his family.

– He does not get angry easily.

– He talks to his children about many things.

– He and his mother often go out together to enjoy the evening.

– He is friendly to the neighbours.

2. Lina is saying that his father is a good man, because …

– He knows almost everybody in the neighbourhood.

– He always goes to the neighbourhood meetings.

– He is never absent from the Cleaning Day.

– He is a good volleyball player.

– He plays volleyball with our neighbours in the community centre every Saturday.

3. Dayu loves her Mom because …

– She is very patient.

– She is never angry.

– She always smiles.

– She never complains.

– She is her best friend.

– Lina can talk to her about everything.

– She can sing! She has a beautiful voice.

4. Edo is proud of his English teacher because …

– She is smart.

– She is friendly.

– Her English is very good and very clear.

– She often reads her students good stories from different parts of Indonesia.

– She knows many stories from other countries, too.

5. Benny thinks that her aunt, Dina, is a good example because …

– Aunt Dina is very healthy.

– She is rarely sick.

– She is married and has two children. They are smart and friendly.

– She is more than 40 years old, but her skin is smooth and her face always looks young and beautiful.

– She exercises almost every day.

– She works at a bank. It is almost 2 kms from her home. She has a motorcycle, but she goes to work on foot.

6. Siti loves her cat, Manis, because …

– It makes her happy.

– When she tickles her, she rolls around and taps her paws on her hand. 

– Siti likes the feeling.

– She has three colours, white, yellow, and black.

– She often lies on Siti’s feet when she studies or watches TV

– Sometimes she sleeps in Siti’s bed with her, on her feet. It feels warm.

So this blog is especially for you to form younger siblings, so you want to invite your siblings to click on the notification above, hopefully with your motivation, this cowboy can help you in informing the articles that brother for the newest.

I want to share a little experience about how you went to school where you went to school, there were a lot of tasks given by the teacher where the shop had some tasks you couldn’t answer, but you couldn’t stop thinking, you kept trying to be the answer in books but it is very difficult to find answers in books.

one of the ways that there is no robbery is to search for the answer key on google or the internet, which is where it shapes me in completing assignments given by the teacher on time and getting satisfactory grades.

but lately there have been lots of discussions on answer keys on google or the internet that discuss the tasks of naha numbers, but there is very little discussion about the correct and correct answer keys where the correct and correct answer keys will help younger siblings complete tasks with on time and get a satisfactory grade.

You want you to be sure if you use a discussion that keeps you sure you will get such a large value, which is where the value will be higher for younger siblings in class advancement.

You need to know that the assignment is one of the determining factors for your younger siblings’ class increase where the assignment is part of the assessment of the report card value where my assignment is in full accommodation then it will be easier to divide into the applicable model will be entered into a few percent of the value into report cards.

Not only that, usually you have also been told about by the teacher, the value of assignments is also a factor by the teacher to find out whether their students have understood what the teacher said or not.

for this reason, we invite all of you to always be serious in completing the assignment given by the teacher and to always do the assignment with the hope for a perfect score or such great value.

here you want to improve again that for this the best is not the value obtained with results that are so large or perfect or 100, the best value is the value obtained from one’s own efforts without the help of others or without cheating or without writing the answers of other people or friends who Where the comment is, even though it is considered not big enough or the original is unsatisfactory, at least the answer or the value is obtained from our own efforts, not copying other people’s answers.

You also want to remind you that in the near future there will usually be a final semester exam or a half-semester after all where the exam will have a very big effect on the increase in grade 1b for the grades of report cards again, brothers and sisters, where this will be taken around Pak Pol percent from the country. This will be included in the report card, meaning that the political parties of the company are the determinants of the promotion of the younger siblings.

Nada Lana in this exam, you have tips for all of you in facing the upcoming test. First, you have to prepare yourself that the soap agent will soon arrive something that can be used is from now on if you start to prepare for about 1 hour. these exams by way of studying.

so one medium that can be used is the answer key from what you made, which can be used to train your siblings in answering questions that may have solid, screaming, or more.

The second tip that younger siblings should check is to prepare at least 1 week before the exam.

The third tip is that younger girls should reduce their playing activities and increase their learning activities, for example, the study time is one hour shores, 2 hours a night and 1 hour before dawn, in front of taking advantage of this time to start preparing for any exams, be it midterm jeans or the end of the semester.

and the best time to remember or memorize a material is a third of the night with it between 02.00 in the morning, where the time will be very quiet which time will make a person think or easier to understand a lesson where at that hour no noise.

The fourth box is to ask for the blessings of our parents even though we have tried our best to fight for ourselves in facing exams, but if we don’t ask for the prayers of parents, it is the same, it is necessary to know that the blessing of parents is praying below where it is this means if parents love.

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