KUNCI JAWABAN bahasa inggris kelas 7 halaman 154 chapter 7

It is necessary to know that assignments are very important in schools where assignments are one of the tools to measure or one of the things used to determine the value of report cards.

where all the crazy that is obtained will later be accumulated first, then it will be divided according to the amount of value obtained later a few percent of the value that has been accommodated and divided will be taken.

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Even though the bob is only small, but the single task is also one of the determining factors for the increase in class for your younger siblings for you to invite your younger siblings to always be serious in completing the assignments given by the teacher.

Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 7 halaman 154 chapter 7

Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 7 halaman 154 chapter 7 I’m Proud of Indonesia!

1. Edo’s notebook is thick, with a blue hard cover. It has a white ribbon separator. There is a sticker on the cover. It is shiny, white, and round, with a picture of an orang-utan.

2. Lina’s house is in a new housing complex. The roof is blue. It has no fence. It is white and grey. There are two trees in front of his house.One of them is a star-fruit tree. Lina’s house is near the small bridge on Jalan Teratai. There is a handycraft from Tana Toraja hanging on the front door. It is triangle with beautiful carving.There is a big stone in front of the his house.Some children often sit and play there.

3. The big shoe-shop near the barber-shop sells different models of plastic shoes. The shoes have differentcolours. Some shoes have holes. Some shoes have flowers in the front. Some shoes are plain.There are also shoes with a strap, and open in the front, like sandals. They have low heels. They look comfortable.

4. Mr. Gani wants a white T-shirt, with short sleeves. It is sporty and casual.He wants one with a small picture about Bali in the front.

The following is a discussion that we can give to all of you, how we have answered this discussion seriously.

because we believe that if you use the answers we have like this, you are sure that you can get satisfactory grades and can also complete assignments on time.

This is based on because you have read and understood the material of the question then we try to answer as much as you can so that you feel that the answer this month can get a value that satisfies the doll’s head and cannot confirm 100% that the discussion is we made this to provide a perfect score for all of you.

There needs to be a wish to come back that you cannot replace the discussion of ukk for you, for this you can get a perfect score, you have tried as much as you can in answering and completing the assignments in this chapter but basically everything will come back to the teacher, teacher adek -adek friends, because the teacher’s answer is decisive in completing the current task that is being done.

If you make a mistake in answering the right questions, make you hope that you all write the most appropriate answers in the comments column which are stated to try to answer as much as you can in completing the task.

so that other people who can be others who use the discussion of the pictured problems can get even better scores.

That’s the discussion you can give this time. Hopefully this broken discussion will be useful for all of us and don’t forget to support you by providing articles that are not articles that you made with friends who are doing the same task, hopefully with so you can benefit from the meaning of this month’s older brother’s article.

the level of subscribing to the blog that you created so that you can get the latest notification from your younger sibling, where your number is where it will relate to the world of education 

the times how to make someone to follow these developments where the times will make someone leave old activities which quickly will be forgotten.

the development of the times also wants the development of technology in which this technology is reduced has a negative side as well as a positive side.

The positive side that can be taken from the development of this era is that the younger siblings can find the answer key from the discussion of the questions where the answer key will help younger siblings in doing the assignments given by the teacher on time and get satisfactory grades

school is also very important for all my friends because the school will provide facilities in the form of knowledge that can be obtained where the knowledge will provide knowledge to someone so that someone can use the knowledge according to their needs, one of which can be used is for development era.

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