KUNCI JAWABAN bahasa inggris kelas 11 halaman 93 chapter 7 invictus

Plus, there are babies who whine and don’t know their own language. Obviously I was still busy looking for an empty seat ignoring a few questions and scolding. From afar I saw a woman paused for a moment until she took out a purple cellphone. It’s time he crossed in front of me, looks attractive, is there a magnet on this train?

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His body smelled of apricot. Her hair seemed to have been rebounded, straight and smooth. The yellow shirt was very tight. His face is full of makeup. Her star eyes were framed by a pale blue. Mascara has curled her lashes. I saw that her thin lips were shocking pink. She is so ready to flirt with a man that one of the men gives up her seat for the woman.

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Baca juga:

1. invictus means unconquered in latin. what does it say about the poem ? 

2. why do you think the poet is not frightened 

3. do youlike the poem “invictus” ? 4

. do you agree with what the poet is saying ? why ? why not ? 

5. do you think poems can change people ?

Jawaban halaman 93

1. The poem ‘invictus’ tells about the endurance of one’s soul against the pain and misery which makes one stronger

2. Because the poet was grateful with his circumstance of coming back strong.

3. I like this poem as it can inspire you to stay strong against the whole suffering in this world.

4. I completely agree with what is in the poem as all obstacles in this life can bring out the best of us when we endure.

5. Yes, it can change people combined with the perfect circumstance and figure to inspire.

My gaze was fixed on chair C 01. There was a woman who I saw was very attractive. He is wearing a gray jacket. The meeting of his eyes made people think that he was a Chinese who was enjoying the rainy season off on an economy train without air conditioning and TV. What’s worse, he opened his jacket and then fan.

“I will not allow this lust to rise and the mistakes of the past will not be repeated here,” I thought, trying to hold back. The knees that he is showing off I consider old newspapers.

My view has changed. I turned my eyes to the figure beside the charming woman. Precisely in seat C 02. I saw a man who was neither muscular nor too thin. Her face looks very neat and she is wearing a purple vest. The night breeze made sleepiness stop on the shoulders of the burly man who sat in chair C 03. But, I was disturbed by the loud voice of the hawkers, he only added to the pressure on the train.

The temperament of the children I met just kept asking about my condition, even about love “Brother, are you married? Or are you married? “

Are the words he meant. Marry and marry. Two different grooves. Neither of them seemed like I had experienced it, but one of those choices ……. imagined like a haunt.

“No, sweet sister,” the lies that rained down on my brain began to ache. Back to thinking about the pictures that are not very clear. I find it hard to say like writing on the ocean. And I am the ocean.

It was hot at night even though it was drizzling. Coupled with the noise of the passengers, I was helpless against this very irritating situation. When I stopped at Cirebon Station, I strengthened my steps. I resisted the pressure of the passengers towards carriage four. Maybe there I can find a seat and close my eyes right away.



The train that I was riding entered Cirebon. I passed several stations in West Java. The darkness of the night was dissolving. Broken leaf cracks. I started reading sleep prayers and sweet dreams.

However, several times my cellphone rang. Then passing messages as if to be an impact will be too joking. I tried to reply to several incoming text messages. I just wrote “I’m busy.” My drowsiness was relieved.

In chair D 01, I saw a person with a mustache. I don’t know is that the catfish that every woman craves for? Or do women crave a muscular chest and brave earrings that stick to their right ear? In fact, someone whispered, “I prefer it when he smokes cigarettes. His rough soul seemed to be seen immediately. ” I only heard his whisper.

However, there was a whisper. “The puff of smoke is what later made my asthma recur. Will he bring a doctor for me? ” I somewhat agree with this comment.

Then, behind me appeared the child I had met earlier.

“You’re lucky … don’t smoke ….”

I don’t understand what he said? Is he being sarcastic or simply in awe? Moreover, I wonder why he keeps following me?


But let it be, after all he’s just a kid who lost his parents. I gave him sweets and chocolates. In fact, my plan, after arriving in Pekalongan, will I give it to my neighbor’s child who is almost the same age as him.


While in chair D 02, I saw a man whose life was only praising God. Of course I knew when I saw that what he was holding was not a cellphone or an MP4, but a white circular prayer beads. His lips were still wet with tayibah sentences.


At this point, my appearance is no longer naughty because there are no women who are as attractive as before. She is the most beautiful sight in my life. I wish I could find an empty chair to treat the drowsiness that is starting to creep into my eyes. But finally I fell asleep in the style of someone defecating in a public toilet.


The celestial landscape showed his rage of anger. Several thunderbolts greeted the arrival of the train at the small Tegal station. Desau teak leaves, apples, and even mango golek. The faces of the dolls were the same as the ones I had kneeled before.


The dirty smell of chicken invaded my flat nose which probably had a lot of blackheads. At that time the hawkers raised their screams to beat the sound of the machine, “warm rice eat … eat.” There was also a beggar voice, “money … blessing … money … blessing.” I can’t stop thinking that in this sophisticated world, there are still beggars who don’t eat all day.


Several shabby newspapers lay after the passengers stopped in Tegal. This is my chance to sleep on the chair. And finally the night allowed me to sit after so long standing.


“Thank God,” I said and then immediately sat on chair D 01.


The face I saw on seat D 02 in carriage four changed to the face of a mother holding her baby, “How old are you, Mom?” I asked.


But, he just nodded silently, “Hm …, how old is the baby that you carry?”


Again no answer. A hawker made me eager to buy brewed noodles with the aroma of onions.


“One, Mang! The price is three thousand, right, Mang? “


“Only five thousand!” he replied harshly.


A minute before I reached into my pocket suddenly the mother next to me had already paid.


“Matur nuwun,” I said.


Rain continues to flush several areas in Central Java. My mind is wondering. Will you reach your destination safely?


In the midst of sadness that picks up sleep, a ticket-pulling policeman comes with a pose of arrogance. Above his pocket were several symbols of office. Sparkles squinting. I gave my ticket and his figure began to move away. Now the mother lives next to me and continues to soothe her fussy baby. It bothers me to listen to MP4.


“Noisy son, mother!” but my rebuke did not discourage him.


I looked back at the face beside me. There is a strange feeling between me and him. I seem to have recognized him, even familiar with him, but I remembered that there was a wound in my brain.


“Sorry, have we met?” I asked.


The answer is still empty.


“Sorry, have we met before?” I repeated my question with the added words.


However, he was speechless, indifferent. Only the baby he thought about.


The baby continued to struggle as if he wanted to meet his father.


I tried to ask a question, “His father didn’t come why?”


Yes…, I guessed that he would remain silent. But not this time. He answered my question briefly.


“His father was having an affair and did not want to be held accountable for his actions,” he replied rudely.


In fact, I was surprised he made it. How come? He answered my question with bulging eyes. I’m still amazed by his behavior that continues to glare at me. I was like being used as an outlet for revenge for the events he experienced and told me.


Suddenly he said a few short words, “Please take care of this child and my chair. I’m going to car five for a moment. “


I laughed spoiled. I thought he couldn’t hold back his urine after drinking a bottle of mineral water. But why did he have to go to car five? Ah, maybe the toilet in car four is overcrowded.


“Yes,” I agreed to his order. A few steps I heard him leave car four. I only answered his smile after he looked away for a moment.


It was cold when entering Pemalang Station, Central Java. I heard that this crowded train stopped for a moment at Pemalang Station. There is something strange indeed after the lightning strike is very powerful. However, because there were more passengers, this train continued to run fast.


I looked at the clock in my hand as the train stopped again at a small station in Petarukan, one of the sub-districts in Pemalang Regency. The rain began to be unfriendly again, even the sound of the baby crying that I was carrying was getting louder. The baby seemed to be calling for its mother to come back soon, I thought.


“It’s been two hours the mother has not returned,” I said, a little surprised.


There were voices of boisterous feet in white, black shoes, the occasional cheap flip-flops in plain green. One of them is only on the soles of his feet. I thought they were the latest leather sandals. But, strangely again, they ran away from their chairs when they heard a huge eruption.


I saw a red bag next to me. Maybe, the bag was deliberately left by the mother earlier. There’s a piece of paper with red tape too. I only read part of the words, “please take care of our child.”


It turned out that the horde of people ran not to see the tigers enter the train or to see the fireworks in the pouring rain or to see a crazy person dancing cheerfully. But because carriage five fell off the rails and rolled in the rice fields. The sound of the impact beat the lightning.


I immediately ran towards the crowd of people while still holding the baby.


I screamed out loud, “Raniiii … !!”


This is the first time I’ve cried myself to tears of regret.


The child I had seen asked, “Why are you crying? Brother? Are we safe or did you lose your wife? Are you married? But not married yet? Brother, this I bring a handkerchief. We cried together after this. “

Cooking spices, fresh vegetables and fruits, he will definitely go to collect them. ” Damayanti thought, when he woke up from his sleep, and realized that no one was by his side. “Nala?” But Gung Liwang-liwung was very quiet. Something is not going as it should be.




He then got up and walked between the thick giant trees and called out, “Nala!”


No answer.


Starting to panic then screaming loudly was the daughter of king Bhima of Vidarbha. Her voice echoed throughout the forest, “My king! Nala! “


Still no answer, not even the answer from the trees.


“Wow, my beloved has left,” he wailed. In that panic, he was angry, frustrated and half-mad, asking every tree in the forest: “Where is Nala? Where is King Nishada? Has he abandoned me in this forest? How could he be so heartless? Is this a cruel joke played by a mad man who has lost everything in the forest? Nala! “




Now he sobbed bitterly as he wandered on nameless chantras, completely lost, because he had forgotten the way to Vidarbha, forgot the sign Nala had shown him. Then when he saw the bush moving, someone might be hiding, he screamed. “Nala!”


“Is that you? Come out and stop this game, it’s not funny anymore, and let’s hurry to Vidarbha to see my dad. “


Then he ran through the dense forest between one tree and another, misleading himself further into the darkness of the forest until he finally reached a deep culvert in the middle of the forest and could no longer go any further. At first he thought he would be able to follow the trail that few made an impression on the ground. But it was only a trace of a beast that disappeared and ended up in the sewers.


“Wow,” She started crying again. “Nala!” She wailed like a widow, lost in sorrow, tears falling on her flawless cheeks. Finally, he sat limply on a dry tree trunk among the tall weeds on the edge of the culvert. Grieving, shedding tears and no one to comfort him.


When he was crying, a vicious and very strong snake came out from under the tree trunk. Drowning in sorrow, he did not realize how the snake had started to crawl around his feet, in an instant the woman was caught in his entanglement, and when he realized it was too late.


“Nala!” she let out a hysterical scream as the snake twisted even stronger. “Help me!”


But now Nala is very far away somewhere and doesn’t hear his wife’s screams of despair. Kali’s spirit had possessed Nala’s soul to become another part of the darkness of the forest where she wandered about and got lost.


Incidentally, at that time there was a hunter who was on a journey in search of prey. He had long been tracing the trail of a stag that had plunged into the water in the ditch. Hearing the screams of a woman, he was shocked and then ran to the direction where now Damayanti sat stretching helplessly, struggling against a huge snake that was terrible, strong and still unmoved when hit.


The hunter drew his bow, immediately the arrow then shot and stabbed the snake right in the head. Damayanti shook her body free, then the hunter suddenly caught the snake and pulled out a sharp ax tucked in his waist and with one cut he cut the reptile. Instantly the snake was killed.


Seeing black blood gushing from the severed snake’s head, Damayanti fell unconscious.


The hunter felt sorry for the girl who was lost in the forest, he then took her to the river and washed her forehead with cold water. And when Damayanti regained consciousness, he fed her from the provisions she was carrying and gave her fresh fruit and drinking water. Feeling his fears subside and hunger healed, Damayanti thanked the hunter and smiled.


The hunter was fascinated by Damayanti’s beauty. And because it was soaked by the water that had poured out since the journey in the forest looking for Nala, her blouse with her blouse looked sticky and tight, making every curve of her slender and curvy body very obvious. And while Damayanti was eating, the hunter held her hand, filled with passion.


“Oh, the forest girl with green eyes,” he said. “Oh beautiful lady whose body is as strong as a deer, who are you? Why are you in this dark forest? “


Almost fainting from fear, Damayanti’s eyes widened. Who is this man? He played with flattery with sweet words.


The hunter began to be brave and hold Damayanti even stronger. The hunter was already intoxicated, in his imagination he was staring at Damayanti, half naked, with only a few clothes covering his body. He viciously glared at her full breasts and rounded hips, her soft neck and smooth calves and thighs, she was burning with lust.


Then she gnawed at her full moon face, her eyes that glowed like sacred flowers with curling lashes, she became even more mad and full of lust.


Damayanti who is still holy is shocked. He swung the hunter, pushed him, and wrath “How dare you touch the queen of Nisadha!” he said angrily. “Nala will kill you.”


The hunter laughed. “Who is Nala? We are alone in this forest. Perhaps it is karma, prophecy for us, our destinies to be together here and together. ” He said. The hunter took out a knife and rubbed the sharp part with his thumb. He grinned then grabbed Damayanti’s arm. “What is not given willingly and in love,” he said, “can be taken by force.” He showed off a shiny knife in his hand, his aim was clear.


The Hunter glanced at him and pulled Damayanti’s body closer into his grasp. But Damayanti, a woman who was pure and had faith in her Lord, cursed her, “If I am a legitimate and sinless wife of Nala, if I am still pure and untroubled by disgraceful deeds, then let this beast die on her knees on the ground.” As soon as Damayanti’s curse was cast, the lecherous hunter instantly collapsed on the ground, like a fallen tree struck by lightning.

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