KUNCI JAWABAN bahasa inggris kelas 11 halaman 88 chapter 7

Zuka immediately saw a deer that was eating grass, Zuka took out his arrow and arrow, set the arrow at the arrow. Without further ado he immediately shot his arrows at the deer. The deer slowly died. The day began to evening we decided to spend the night in the cave while eating grilled deer meat. The next morning we went across to the river. We found stomatosuchus swimming.

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Berikut ini adalah pembahasan yang mungkin teman teman butuhkan, yang mana pembahasan ini masih berkaitan dengan pelajaran kelas 11, silahkan klik tulisan berwarna biru untuk mengakses kunci jawaban tersebut, semangat iya teman teman dan semogga terbantu iya.

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KUNCI JAWABAN bahasa inggris kelas 11 halaman 88 chapter 7 bab 7 pembahasa bahasa inggris stand by me 1. What do you think the title "Stand by Me" means?

“But! Your idea is crazy Felly! I know you are the kid who is the best at designing clothes compared to the teenagers in this school who have abilities in the same field. But, is it okay if you are going to use trash for the staple and basic materials of our clothing designs ?! Too lowly Felly! They all wore silk fabrics and also luxurious knick-knacks! Whereas you? You use trash and batik rags! It’s useless if our model is good if the clothes aren’t good! ” answered Riska.

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1. What do you think the title “Stand by Me” means?

The song title “Stand by Me” in Indonesian means “Berdiri di sisiku” or “Tetaplah di sisiku”.I think the writer of this song, Ben E. King, dedicated this love song for his partner at that time. Ben wrote this song that’s simply about wanting someone to stand by him through anything is just so beautiful.

2. Do you consider “Stand by Me” an inspirational song? Yes, I do.  Its about love, friendship and loyalty.Why? 

 The lyrics are strong and consists of beautiful words. The lyric is about standing together in tough times, keeping strong and keeping relationships going. This is a song about true love. It tells about a love that able to survive, no matter what trials and traumas it encounters. The love was built equally strongly to stand the test of time.

3. If you had to change the lyrics of “Stand by Me” which lyric would you change?

When the night has come

And the land is dark

And the moon is the only light we’ll see


“Okay. I dare to challenge you if my design will be the best! After all, our model is also bleeding outside. Lo, you know that Larissa is of Spanish descent. She wouldn’t be embarrassed if she opened her smooth thighs a little with a long tail dress and a beautiful crown. After all, the sandals won’t be plain with just those knick-knacks. I’m going to add knick-knacks that will make her legs more graceful and look sexy. Moreover, he has legs. It’s useless if you don’t use it! “

“Okay, I’ll accept your design! But, don’t tell me to shop for ingredients at the shop this school has designated. Shame, Fel if he meets a designer in another class. Billy just go! ” said Bram.Who is going to ask you too!” Are you just going to shop for the ingredients? We are all going to shop for the ingredients every time! ”

They all glared with miserable faces. However, Felly ignored them all. Stepping out of the workshop room where they were working on the clothes. What can I do after they get the mix from Felly. They followed Felly from behind. Wheel their car to the designated shop and buy the trinkets they need. Arriving there, he gets a very exotic view when a rival designer approaches him with many of his designs. Without embarrassment, Felly answered firmly and confidently. It made them laugh.


For them, the Felly who is currently in front of them is not the Felly they are facing. They know Felly with her glamorous and exotic designs. Of course, with ingredients that live up to the name. Glamor. The price is not in doubt for selling one car. Only for ingredients. Not yet equipment. After Felly went shopping, she wheeled her car toward her mother’s boutique. Looking for the patchwork he was looking for. Well… batik cloth. Various batik fabrics have been produced by her mother’s boutique for a variety of dresses that they create themselves. Many employees have asked Felly about this. Because, for her mother’s employees, Felly never came to pick up trash from the boutique. But looking for the most expensive fabric data that is usually used by his mother’s boutique.


Meanwhile, now it’s the other way around. Felly wears a batik cloth which is used for dress decoration inserts only. In fact, Felly made an order from her mom’s boutique shop to get rags from her mom’s boutique branch in a few days. Of course, their employees obey the employer’s son’s request. Meanwhile, Bram, Billy and Riska were worried about Felly’s design. They are afraid that they will embarrass their team. Given, his name has repeatedly been published in the mass media. Also, their designs were repeatedly sought after by upper class people to replace them with money. When they arrive from a trip to buy the materials they need, they start to make the designs into real objects that can be used by the model. In another sense, embodying their sketches.

Billy worked on the sandals. He began by arranging the burles in the threads that were tied to the needle. Bram, still thinking about the right crown with Riska. Of course, with various debates from both of them. However, it remains one main idea to realize the results of their debate. Of course, in the opinion of Felly and Billy. Felly, not only kept quiet by watching her colleagues work, she started forming roses from plastic waste that she collected from the trash and washed them clean. Sew it with gold lace pins on the side. The full color nuance contained in the plastic flowers will beautify her flower-filled dress with the glamorous batik.

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