Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 11 halaman 157

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Dan dikarenakan sekolah secara online ini banyak sekali para siswa yang tidak bisa menyelesaiakn tugas yang diberikan oleh guru, hal ini dikarenakan siswanya kurang memahami apa yang telah di smapikan oleh guru.

Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 11 halaman 157

Karena disini media yang digunakan untuk pembeljaran secaraa online ini merupakan melalui zoom atau sejenisnya, maka dari itu kebanyak siswa kurang dpat memahami apa yang disampaikan oleh gurunya.

Untuk itulah kami membuat pembahasan ini agar temen temen dapat menggunakan pembahasan ini sebagai alat untuk menyelesaiakn tugas dengan tepat waktu dan kami harap dengan adanya pembahasan kami buat ini teman teman dapat memperoelh nilai yang memauskan 

Untuk itu kami hadir unruk membantu temen temen dalam menyelesaiakn tugas yang di berikan oleh dengan cara kami membuat pembahasan mengnai kunci jawaban yang tepat sanagtlah perlu di berikan hal ini memang perlu karena bersangkutan dengan nilai yang di peroleh nantinya, namun sebelum masuk ke pembahasan kami ingin memberikan pembahasan yang lainya yang mmungkin di butuhkan oleh teman-teman

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Berikut ini adalah pembahasan yang mungkin teman teman butuhkan, yang mana pembahasan ini masih berkaitan dengan pelajaran kelas 11, silahkan klik tulisan berwarna biru untuk mengakses kunci jawaban tersebut, semangat iya teman teman dan semogga terbantu iya.

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Nilai yang terbaik bukanlah nilai yang di peroleh dari mencontek atau menulis jawaban orang lain, melainkan nilai terbaik adalah nilai yang diperoleh dai hasil kerja keras kita sendiri tanpa bantuan orang lain.

Walaupun k=nilai yang diperoleh nantinya kurang memuaskan setidaknya nilai tersebut memang murni dari kemampuan kita sendiri, adapun jka kita mengerjakan tugas dengan mandiri maka kita telah melatih sikap disiplin bekerja keras dan pantang menyerah.

Dimana sikap tersebut merupakan sikap yang sangat oenting di dalam kehidupan, diharapkan dengan mempunyai sikap tersebut, temen temen dapat menyelesaiakn permasalh dengan mandiri tanpa bantuan orang lain. Baik itu permasalaahan dari sekolah seperti hanya tugas tugas ataupun seperti halnya  permasalan dari luar sekolah.

1. the story is based on multiple themes like love, sacrifice, hope, belief,and pessimism. which one do you think is more obvious in the story?why?give evidence to support your answer. 

Kunci jawaban:

The last leaf is the symbol of ‘hope’ that empowers a person for having the strength to fight death. 
Johnsy’s believe that the last leaf would make her life too cease with its fall was so firm that no miraculous drug could save her against her rigidity. Behrman’s wait for the right time to make his master-piece that he had fancied for so long was over the moment he realized that he had the ability to save a life by inflicting ‘hope’ in that person’s mind. 
The Last Leaf of the ivy vine had the power to sustain Johnsy’s life and Berhman had the power to sustain the last leaf by creating it. This art gave Johnsy the power to sustain her ‘hope’ to live and indeed, until hope persists, “it is a sin to want to die”.

2. why does Sue call “the last leaf” as Behrman’s masterpiece?

Kunci jawaban:

I rather think that she said so because that painting returned her friend the desire for living, Johnsy was depressed, and she was just waiting to die when the last leaf fell down, but that image helped her going on.

 3. were you suprised at the ending of the story? did you think it would end differently?why?

Kunci jawaban:

yes, i were suprised with the ending story. So the surprise ending was the final realization that the last leaf was not real but a painting seemed to have a magical healing power to renewed Joans will to love and to defeat her pneumonia.

 4. painting the picture on the wall resulted in Mr.Behrman’s death. do you think he would still have painted the leaf if he had known that it would result in his death? discuss and give reasons to support your answer. 

Kunci jawaban:

 i think he had known it would result in his death. he said, ” some day i shall paint my masterpiece, and we shall all go away from here.” he believed that the painting would help Sue and Johnsy.

5. if your were in Sue’s shoes how would you have reacted to jonshy’s irrational thoughts?describe. 

Kunci jawaban:

i will stay with my friend. we don’t know when we will be sick and die, when we will need someone to care about us

6. why do you think Mr.Behrman’s place?discuss 

Kunci jawaban:

because he believed that he was a special duty to do everything possible to help sue and johnsy, and he believed that his masterpiece could help to make johnsy better from her condition.

7. what would you have done if you were in Mr.Behrman’s place? discuss 

Kunci jawaban:

if i were mr behrman, i would have done like it. i am old woman and i don’t have anything to make me usefulness for the others.

8. what is the greatest sacrife you have ever made for your family or friends? describe 

Kunci jawaban:

the greatest sacrifice i have ever made for my family is: make my parents proud. it’s really very hard for me. when my friend asked me to play with them, i should study hard at home. i use my spare time to do something useful, helps my parents, my sisters and do what the best i do.

9. describe Mr. Behrman’s personality based on the story? 

Kunci jawaban:

. Behrman is a person who wants others to be happy. Although when for the first time sue told him about Jhonsy’s fantasies about the leaf he reacted very badly but to give Jhonsy moral support which can be provided to her by preventing the last leaf from falling he risked his life and painted a picture of the last leaf on the opposite wall in the terrible cold weather. he is a down to earth person and a gem in millions.

10. why do you think johnsy never noticed that the last leaf never flutteredof moved even though it was reining heavly?

Kunci jawaban:

.because Johnsy compared her life with number of leaves. when the number of leaves going to decrease the expectation of life also become decreased. when she looked out side she found that the leaf is there, she felt energetic towards life.


Many artists lived in Greenwich Village in New  York City. Sue and Johnsy, two artists, also lived there in  a studio apartment. Their rooms were at the top of an  old building in Greenwich Village.  In November, it was very cold and with it a cold  unseen stranger, whom the doctors called Pneumonia,  stalked the city, touching one here and there with his  icy fingers. The icy fingers of Pneumonia also touched  Johnsy. She was very ill, lying in her bed and not movin

g  at all. A doctor visited her every day but Johnsy was not  getting better. One morning, the doctor spoke to Sue  outside Johnsy’s room.   T h e L a s t  Leaf    (Source: wattpad.com)   “I can’ t help her,” the doctor said. “She is very sad and has no desire to  live. Someone must make her happy again. What is she interested in?” “She is an artist,” Sue replied. “She wants to paint a picture of Bay of Naples.” “Painting!” said the doctor. “That won’t help her!”  Sue was distressed by this news and didn’t know what to do to help  Johnsy. She went into the workroom and cried and then she swaggered into  Johnsy’s room with her drawing board, whistling ragtime. Johnsy lay silently in her  bed with her fac

e towards the window. Sue stopped whistling, thinking Johnsy was  asleep.  Sue arranged her board and began drawing to illustrate a magazine story.  As Sue was sketching a figure of a hero, an Idaho cowboy, she heard a low sound,  several times repeated. She went quickly to the bedside.  Johnsy’s eyes were open wide. She was looking out the window and  counting – counting backwards. “Twelve,” she said, and a little later “eleven”; and then “ten,” and “nine”; and then  “eight” and “seven”, almost together.  Sue looked out of the window wondering what was there to count. There  was only a bare, dreary yard to be seen, and the blank side of the brick house   Figure: E.8 Cover of the last leaf twenty feet away. An old, old ivy vine, gnarled and decayed at the roots, climbed half way up the brick 

wall. The cold breath of autumn had stricken its leaves from the vine until its skeleton branches clung, almost bare, to the crumbling bricks.  “What is it, dear?” asked Sue.  “Six,” said Johnsy, in almost a whisper. “They’re falling faster now. Three days ago there were almost a hundred. My head ached when I was counting them but now it’s easy. There goes another one. There are only five left now.”  “Five what, dear? Tell me.”  “Leaves on the ivy vine. When the last one falls I must go, too. I’ve known that for three days. Didn’t the doctor tell you?”  “Oh, I never heard of such nonsense,” complained Sue, with magnificent scorn. “What have old ivy leaves to do with your getting well? Try to sleep,” said Sue. “I must call Behrman up to be my model for the old hermit miner. I’ll not be gone a minute. Don’t try 

to move ‘til I come back.”  Old Behrman was a painter who lived on the ground floor of the same building. He was sixty years old and had always dreamed of painting  masterpiece, but unfortunately till now he was not able to fulfill his dream. Sue found Behrman in his dimly lighted apartment sitting in his chair. She told him of Johnsy’s condition. Old Behrman, with his red eyes plainly streaming, shouted his contempt and derision for such idiotic imaginings.  Johnsy was sleeping when they went upstairs. Sue pulled the shade down to the windowsill, and motioned Behrman into the other room. In there they peered out the window fearfully at the ivy vine. Then they looked at each other for a moment without speaking. A persistent, cold rain was falling, mingled with snow When Sue awok

e from an hour’s sleep the next morning, she found Johnsy with dull, wide-open eyes staring at the drawn green shade.  “Pull it up; I want to see,” she ordered, in a whisper. Wearily Sue obeyed. “It is the last one,” said Johnsy. It will fall today, and I shall die at the same time.” “Dear, dear!” said Sue, leaning her worn face down to the pillow, “think of me, if you won’t think of yourself. What would I do?” But Johnsy did not answer.  The leaf stayed on the vine all day. That night, there was more wind and rain. When it was light enough, Johnsy commanded that the shade be raised. The ivy leaf was st

ill there.  “I’ve been a foolish girl, Sue,” said Johnsy. “I wanted to die but the last leaf stayed on the vine to teach me a lesson. Please bring me some soup now.” “You know Sue, some day I hope to paint the Bay of Naples.” The doctor visited the girls in the afternoon. “Take good care of your  friend,” he said. “She is going to get well. Now I have to go downstairs. I have to visit  Mr. Behrman. He has pneumonia too. I must send him to the hospital.”  The next day, the doctor said to Sue: “She’s out of danger. You won.  Nutrition and care now – that’s all.” And that afternoon Sue came to the bed where  Johnsy lay, contentedly knitting a woolen shoulder scarf. “I have something to tell  you, dear,” she said. “Mr. Behrman died of pneumonia today in the hospital. He  was ill only two days. The janitor found 

him the morning of the first day in his room  downstairs helpless with pain. His shoes and clothing were wet through and icy  cold. They couldn’t imagine where he had been on such a dreadful night. And then  they found a lantern, still lighted, and a ladder that had been dragged from its  place, and some scattered brushes, and a palette with green and yellow colors  mixed on it, and – look out the window, dear, at the last ivy leaf on the wall. Didn’t  you wonder why it never fluttered or moved when the wind blew? Ah, darling, it’s  Behrman’s masterpiece – he painted it there the night that the last leaf fell .”  (Adapted from The Last Leaf by O. Henry, 1907) 

Banyak seniman tinggal di Greenwich Village di New York City. Sue dan Johnsy, dua seniman, juga tinggal di sana di sebuah apartemen studio. Kamar mereka berada di atas sebuah bangunan tua di Greenwich Village. Pada bulan November, cuaca sangat dingin dan dengan itu orang asing yang dingin dan tak terlihat, yang oleh para dokter disebut Pneumonia, mengintai kota, menyentuh salah satu di sana-sini dengan jari-jarinya yang sedingin es. Jari-jari sedingin es 

ari Pneumonia juga menyentuh Johnsy. Dia sakit parah, terbaring di tempat tidurnya dan tidak bergerak sama sekali. Seorang dokter mengunjunginya setiap hari tetapi kondisi Johnsy tidak membaik. Suatu pagi, dokter berbicara dengan Sue di luar kamar Johnsy. Daun Daun (Sumber: wattpad.com) “Saya tidak bisa menolongnya,” kata dokter tersebut. “Dia sangat sedih dan tidak memiliki keinginan untuk hidup. Seseorang harus membuatnya bahagia lagi. Apa yang dia minati? ” “Dia adalah seorang seniman,” jawab Sue. Dia ingin melukis Teluk Napoli. “Lukisan!” kata dokter itu. 

“Itu tidak akan membantunya!” Sue tertekan dengan berita ini dan tidak tahu harus berbuat apa untuk membantu Johnsy. Dia pergi ke ruang kerja dan menangis dan kemudian dia masuk ke kamar Johnsy dengan papan gambarnya, bersiul. Johnsy berbaring diam di tempat tidurnya dengan wajah menghadap jendela. Sue berhenti bersiul, mengira Johnsy sedang tidur. Sue mengatur papannya dan mulai menggambar untuk mengilustrasikan cerita majalah. Saat Sue sedang membuat sketsa sosok pahlawan, seorang koboi Idaho, dia mendengar suara pelan, beberapa kali diulangi. Dia segera pergi ke samping tempat tidur. Mata Johnsy terbuka lebar. Dia melihat keluar je

ndela dan menghitung – menghitung mundur. “Dua belas,” katanya, dan beberapa saat kemudian “sebelas”; dan kemudian “sepuluh”, dan “sembilan”; dan kemudian “delapan” dan “tujuh”, hampir bersamaan. Sue melihat ke luar jendela sambil bertanya-tanya apa yang harus dihitung. Hanya ada halaman kosong, suram untuk dilihat, dan sisi kosong dari rumah bata. Gambar: E.8 Penutup daun terakhir berjarak dua puluh kaki. Sebuah tanaman merambat ivy tua, keriput dan busuk di akarnya, memanjat setengah jalan ke atas tembok bata. Nafas dingin musim gugur telah menghantam daun-daunn

ya dari pokok anggur sampai cabang-cabang kerangkanya menempel, hampir gundul, ke batu bata yang runtuh. “Ada apa, sayang?” tanya Sue. “Enam,” kata Johnsy, hampir berbisik. “Sekarang mereka jatuh lebih cepat. Tiga hari yang lalu jumlahnya hampir seratus. Kepalaku sakit saat menghitungnya, tapi sekarang mudah. ​​Ini dia satu lagi. Sekarang tinggal lima.” “Lima apa, Sayang? Katakan padaku.” “Daun di tanaman ivy. Ketika yang terakhir jatuh, aku juga harus pergi. Aku sudah mengetahuinya selama tiga hari. Bukankah dokter sudah memberitahumu?” “Oh, aku tidak pernah mendengar omong kosong seperti itu,” keluh Sue, dengan cemoohan yang luar biasa. “Apa hubungannya daun ivy tua dengan kesehatanmu? Cobalah tidur,” kata Sue. “Aku harus memanggil Behrman untuk menjadi modelku bagi pertapa tua itu. Aku tidak akan pergi semenit pun. Jangan mencoba bergerak s

ampai aku kembali.” Old Behrman adalah seorang pelukis yang tinggal di lantai dasar gedung yang sama. Usianya enam puluh tahun dan selalu memimpikan karya seni lukis, namun sayangnya hingga saat ini ia belum mampu mewujudkan mimpinya. Sue menemukan Behrman di apartemennya yang remang-remang sedang duduk di kursinya. Dia memberitahunya tentang kondisi Johnsy. Behrman tua, dengan mata merahnya yang mengalir jelas, meneriakkan penghinaan dan cemoohannya atas imajinasi bodoh seperti itu. Johnsy sedang tidur ketika mereka naik ke atas. Sue menurunkan keteduhan ke ambang jendela, dan memberi isyarat kepada Behrman ke ruangan lain. Di sana mereka menata

ng sejenak tanpa berbicara. Hujan dingin yang terus-menerus turun, bercampur dengan salju. Ketika Sue terbangun dari tidur satu jam keesokan paginya, dia menemukan Johnsy dengan mata kusam dan terbuka lebar menatap bayangan hijau yang teduh. “Tarik; Aku ingin melihat,” perintahnya dengan berbisik. Dengan letih Sue menurut. “Ini yang terakhir,” kata Johnsy. Itu akan jatuh hari ini, dan aku akan mati pada saat yang sama. “” Aduh, Sayang! “Kata Sue, menyandarkan wajahnya yang letih 

ke bantal,” pikirkan aku, jika kamu tidak mau memikirkan dirimu sendiri. Apa yang akan saya lakukan? “Tapi Johnsy tidak menjawab. Daunnya tetap berada di pokok anggur sepanjang hari. Malam itu, lebih banyak angin dan hujan. Ketika hari cukup terang, Johnsy memerintahkan agar naungan dibiarkan. Daun ivy masih di sana. “Aku telah menjadi gadis yang bodoh, Sue,” kata Johnsy. “Aku ingin mati tapi daun terakhir tetap di pohon anggur untuk memberiku pelajaran. Tolong bawakan aku sup sekarang.” “Kau tahu Sue, suatu hari nanti aku berharap bisa melukis Teluk Napoli.” Dokter mengunjungi gadis-gadis itu pada sore hari. “Jaga baik-baik temanmu,” katanya. “Dia akan sembuh. Sekarang saya harus turun. Saya harus mengunjungi Tuan Behrman. Dia juga menderita pneumonia. 

Saya harus mengirimnya ke rumah sakit. ” Keesokan harinya, dokter berkata kepada Sue: “Dia keluar dari bahaya. Kamu menang. Gizi dan perawatan sekarang – itu saja.” Dan sore itu Sue datang ke tempat tidur tempat Johnsy berbaring, dengan puas merajut syal wol untuk bahu. “Ada yang ingin kukatakan padamu, Sayang,” katanya. “Tuan Behrman meninggal karena pneumonia hari ini di rumah sakit. Dia hanya sakit dua tahunhari. Petugas kebersihan menemukannya pada pagi hari pertama di ka

marnya di lantai bawah tanpa daya karena kesakitan. Sepatu dan pakaiannya basah kuyup dan sedingin es. Mereka tidak bisa membayangkan di mana dia berada pada malam yang mengerikan itu. Dan kemudian mereka menemukan lentera, masih menyala, dan tangga yang telah diseret dari tempatnya, dan beberapa kuas yang tersebar, dan palet dengan warna hijau dan kuning bercampur di atasnya, dan – lihat ke luar jendela, sayang, pada akhirnya daun ivy di dinding. Tidakkah Anda bertanya-tanya mengapa tidak pernah berkibar atau bergerak ketika angin bertiup? Ah, sayang, ini adalah mahakarya Behrman – dia melukisnya di sana pada malam saat daun terakhir jatuh. ” (Diadaptasi dari The Last Leaf oleh O. Henry, 1907)

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