KUNCI JAWABAN bahasa inggris kelas 11 halaman 100 chapter 8

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KUNCI JAWABAN bahasa inggris kelas 11 halaman 100 chapter 8 BAB 8 pembahasan soal bahasa inggris kelas 11 halaman 100 chapter 8

Don’t think about a lot of bad things about the quality of your writing, and don’t worry about how other people will respond to your writing. That’s a problem later, everyone always learns from their mistakesHi. My name is Alex Will. I’m 16 years old. I have an older sister named Alca Will she is a beautiful, strong, and patient woman just like my mother. Currently he is 16 years old. Yes, it is true that we are twins but not identical. Our nature is different. I also have a younger brother who is very stubborn, just like me. Even so, he is an honest person. Will’s team is only three years away from us. 

Read the text given below. Earthquakes Earthquakes – being among the most deadly natural hazards – strike without any prior warning, leaving catastrophe in their wake with terrible loss of human lives as well as economic loss. Technically, an earthquake (also known as tremor, quake or temblor) is a kind of vibraƟon through the earth’s crust. This vibraƟon occurs as a result of powerful movement of rocks in the earth’s crust. These powerful movements trigger a rapid release of energy that creates seismic waves that travel through the earth. Earthquakes are usually brief, but may repeat over a long period of Ɵme. (Earth Science. 2001) Earthquakes are classified as large and small. Large earthquakes usually begin with slight tremors but rapidly take form of violent shocks. The vibraƟons from a large earthquake last for a few days known as aershocks. Small earthquakes are usually slight tremors and do not cause much damage. Large earthquakes are known to take down buildings and cause death and injury (Richter, 1935). According to some staƟsƟcs, there may be an average of 500,000 earthquakes every year but only about 100,000 can be felt and about 100 or so can cause damage each year. Earthquakes are dreaded by everyone.

1. Have you ever witnessed an earthquake? What effect did it have on you? 

2. Why are earthquakes considered as the most deadly natural hazard? 

3. Did you notice anything specific about the way this text is written? 

4. What kind of text is this?

kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 11 halaman 100 chapter 8

1. yes ever, earthquakes will give a shock effect to anyone who witnessed it

2. became one of the deadliest natural hazards – because it could result in a strike without prior warning, leaving a catastrophe behind them with loss of human life and terrible economic loss. Technically, an earthquake (also known as tremor, earthquake or earthquake) is a kind of vibration through the earth’s crust.

3. this text is very specific, because in this text has been explained the impact or the impact of the earthquake

4. Descriptive because Provide information to the reader about the characteristics of a person, object or a specific place in detail so that the reader feels as if to see the object itself is described.

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I am a native person here, I was born and raised in the city of Nidanru. My two brothers and I were raised by my grandfather. My father and mother are dead. My grandfather used to tell us about my father’s childhood in fact, grandfather often told us how my father and mother met. Grandfather also often advised us, especially about the importance of upholding honesty. Huh, it feels like eating just three meals a day. Once upon a time, I was only about seven years old at that time, I was playing hide and seek with Alca and Tim. It was three o’clock in the afternoon. Alca is the guardian and I and Tim are hiding. Tim and I agreed to hide around the bedroom. I hid in the wardrobe and Tim was hiding on top of the cupboard. Incidentally, there were empty boxes above the cupboard, so Tim hid behind the boxes. You could say Tim is a smart kid compared to his peers and I just realized how stupid I am, why do I have to hide in the closet? Because of my ignorance that Alca can find me easily. Then I waited in the dining room. Instead of just daydreaming while waiting for Alca to find Tim, I’d better wait for him while I eat. The food from the plate has been transferred to the stomach. It feels like I’ve been here for almost an hour, but why aren’t they back yet? I rushed to find them. Suddenly Alca ran towards me shouting.”Team does not exist””Huh, really?””I’ve been looking everywhere but it’s still not there””He was hiding on top of the cupboard where I was hiding, behind the boxes, have you been looking for him?””Maybe I’m too panicked, I’m not looking there yet”Alca immediately ran to the bedroom and I followed him. Sure enough what we had feared happened, Tim was not there. Suddenly the grandfather came to the room.a”What’s all this fuss?”We also answered with tension.a”Mmm, nothing grandpa”Alca and I did not lie on purpose, how about this? After Grandpa left, Alca and I returned to look for Tim. It was getting dark, the Team still couldn’t find it. But there was a voice of a child crying, from her cry she seemed to be scared. It’s like Tim’s voice, ringing in my head. Is this just my feeling?a”Alca I heard like a child was crying”a”Me too Alex”Me and Alca immediately followed the origin of the voice, it turned out that the voice came from outside the house. After another look, it sure was Tim! Grandpa was surprised to hear our noise and the sound of Tim’s crying. Grandpa immediately came out and asked what had really happened. Me and Alca also told everything. But I was amazed after hearing the story from Tim. The team said that the hiding place had indeed changed but not far from the original hiding place, namely, the cupboard where I was hiding earlier and Tim still heard the noise of me and Alca when we were looking for it. However, when a grandfather was asking, “What is all this fuss about” Tim suddenly did not remember anything. He just realized that he was outside the house in a state that the sky was dark. Grandpa returned to advise us.a”Grandfather told you not to lie to grandfather, lies will not solve the problem”aSince I was only seven years old at that time, I just nodded my head without understanding the real meaning of the grandfather’s advice.a***aaIt was a very bright Sunday morning. Birds chirping. Fresh air is inhaled by the nose and into the lungs. Huh, really refreshing. Alca and I help grandpa with the garden. I was the part that watered the plants and Alca trimmed and tended the plants. It’s okay, girls are much more reliable when it comes to tidying up. As for Tim, he only helps by sending prayers – you spoiled child.aAfter finishing we moved towards the house. I helped sweep and mop, Alca helped wash clothes and dirty dishes, and as usual Tim only helped by sending prayers.aThe work has been done. Huh, I feel so tired. I lay on the sofa watching TV. Five minutes later I was unconscious.a***aaAfternoon to evening. I’m getting bored. There is no work I can do. Grandpa is not at home. I also secretly went outside. Suddenly …a”Lex, where are you going?”a”Eh Alca, um, it just doesn’t take long for a walk, really”a”Behind it, don’t be lazy!”aI immediately went outside. Damn, I accidentally spoke like that even though my original intention was to go to Krez’s house. Instantly I remembered Grandpa’s messages ah but, never mind. aKrez is my best friend usually when I have nothing to do, I definitely play at her house. Krez is the same age as me. He is a boy whose character is not much different from me. Therefore, I am very close to Krez. Krez also has a younger sister who is the same age as Tim, her name is Kaley. aWe also play video games, games that are loved by 12 year olds. The game was won by Krez. Yes, I rarely win against him. I also lay down for a moment. I accidentally looked at the window of Krez’s room, the sky looked so dark and decorated with sparkling stars. Wait a minute, something seems strange. Geez, it was getting dark! I immediately said goodbye to Krez and immediately ran towards the house. It’s dark outside, only the moonlight illuminates my way home. I don’t care about my surroundings, the important thing is I can go home and not get angry with Grandpa. It feels like I’ve been running for too long, I’m getting tired. Why didn’t you? I just realized, for some reason suddenly I had reached the middle of the forest! It’s weird, I’ve been going to Krez’s house too many times where maybe I could forget my way home. I’m getting scared. What can a 12 year old child do in the middle of the forest, in the dark, and alone? I was crying and calling grandfather. I immediately sat down, closed my eyes, and began to compose myself so that I could think clearly. aI started hearing strange voices, it was like Grandpa’s voice! I started to open my eyes slowly. And I realized I was home and still lying on the sofa. Geez, it all turned out to be a dream.a***aThe chill of the morning began to feel all over the body. I wake up from my sleep with a dizzy head. Somehow I thought back to the incident five years ago. I became nervous and worried. I hope that last night’s dream will not really come to pass. As usual every morning Alca makes breakfast for the whole family. I take my breakfast and eat it in the living room while watching TV. Beef eye egg with half-cooked egg yolk is my favorite, accompanied by a glass of honey milk which also makes me happy when drinking it. After finishing breakfast I went to take a shower. After showering I decided to sit on the front porch and stare at the sky where it was going to rain soon. The sky was gray, the rays of the sun were beginning to be covered by lumps of cotton, the wind was tearing down the leaves, and the water was starting to fall. Raindrops sounded like the rhythm of natural music that soothed me. As if I forgot all the fatigue and caution that exist. Alca came who brought me milk tea. “Here, drink first!””Eh, thanks””Lex you know what?””What do you know?””About father and mother …””What do you mean?”“Sometimes I like to think about why they left so fast. I want to be like other children who grow and develop in the hands of their own father and mother ““Alca, don’t be sad like that, we still have grandparents who love us and we can think of them as our own parents. You should be grateful Alca. “Alca and I went into the house because the clouds were crying, maybe she was crying even more because Alca was sad too.a***aThe next day I made a surprise for Grandpa, Alca and Tim. This time I made breakfast for them. A cup of coffee and toast for Grandpa, a glass of warm honey milk and an egg with half-cooked egg yolk for Alca – we always have twins, and a glass of warm milk accompanied by chocolate toast for the little Tim. Actually I did all this so that Alca would not be sad anymore. And he could see that there were still people around him who loved and cared for him. After finishing eating Alca and I put the dirty dishes in 

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