Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 10 halaman 195 vocabulary builder

the answer we made is very precise and correct.

even though we have made this discussion wheel, it does not mean that the students do not only note what we have discussed this time, but we also teach students to always be careful as possible, in this case we invite students to first check the answer key again. we have discussed maybe if there are students who feel the answer key we made is not quite right the students can write in the key comments column the most appropriate answer so that later we can correct the wrong answer key so that other friends use the key answers that take this language can get a bigger lag score.

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Task 1: 

Complete the gaps with the appropriate letters to make up good English words. You can use the description on the right column as a hint.

Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 10 halaman 195 vocabulary builder chapter 15 bab 15 bahasa inggris kelas 10


1. troubled = down, sad

2. a helping hand = aid

3. be going right = well

4. brighten up = cheer up

5. call out = say someone’s name

6. coem running = come quickly

7. winter = time when it is cold

8. spring = time when flowers begin to bloom

9. summer = time when it is hot

10. fall = time when leaves fall to the ground

11. keep your head together = stay calm

12. out loud = clear

13. ain’t = isn’t/aren’t

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even though we are old to make this answer key, but we cannot confirm perfectly if the answer key we created can get a perfect score, it is necessary for students to know that we have tried our best as possible later if there is an incorrect answer key everything will return to the students’ teachers as well.

That’s the discussion we can give. Hopefully the discussion that you give this time may be useful for all of us, don’t forget to support our blog channel by sharing this article we made with other friends who are working on the same task. This article can have a beneficial impact on all of us, Amen, Robbal Alamin, and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog because by subscribing, students can get notifications of the latest articles from us

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