KUNCI JAWABAN bahasa inggris kelas 10 halaman 184 dan 185 STRONG WIND

Even racing we have made a small pentol to make this answer key, but you still invite students to be careful in this matter to answer and understand the problem first, then try to answer the problem first, this can make students train their skills in Setiabudi, South Jakarta gang surrender so that later it is hoped that students will be able to complete the assignment given by the teacher. The students need to know that the best value is not a value that has a large number but the best value is the value obtained from the business itself, not cheating or not writing the answer key from people another because in the process of finding the answer key from students, that is the process of how students observe the level of patience, discipline and never give up, and it can be expected that in the future students can solve problems on their own without help from others.

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You need to know that your answer key is not that high, brother, you can’t guarantee 100% the answer that likes to make this can get a perfect score, you need to know that here I have tried maximally what you can answer, brother try to answer optimally and you try to answer correctly and if there is an error all of it will come back again, the answer key is still how many and correct according to the teachers each sibling.


Task 1: 

Read the story and fill in the blanks with the following words: tremble, lying, jealous, bow, long, fine, invisible, rope, gentle, rags.  


Once there was a great warrior named Strong Wind. He lived with 

his sister in a tent by the sea. Strong Wind was able to make himself 

_______________(1). His sister could see him, but no one else could. He 

had said he would marry the first woman who could see him as he came at 

the end of the day.

Many women came up to his tent to watch for him. When his sister saw 

him coming, she would ask, “Do you see him?” 

Each girl would answer, “Oh, yes! I see him!” 

Then Strong Wind’s sister would ask, “What is he pulling his sled with?”

And then the girls would answer, “with a _____________ (2)” or “with 

a wooden pole.” 

Then Strong Wind’s sister would know that they were lying, because 

their guesses were wrong.

A chief lived in a village. His wife had died, and he had three daughters. 

One was much younger than the other two. She was gentle, kind and 

beautiful, but her sisters were ___________ (3) of her and treated her 

badly. They cut off  her long black hair and they made her wear rags. They 

also burned  her face with coals so that she would be ugly. They lied to 

their father that she did these things to herself. But she remained calm and 

_______________  (4). 

The two older sisters also went to try and  see Strong Wind. When he 

was coming, Strong Wind’s sister asked them, “Do you see him?”

“Oh, yes! I see him!” Each of them answered.

“What is his bow made out of?” asked Strong Wind’s sister.

“Out of iron,” answered one. “Out of wood,” answered the other.

“You have not see him,” said Strong Wind’s sister.

Strong Wind himself heard them and knew that they had lied. They 

went into the tent, but still they could not see him. They went home very 


One day the youngest daughter went to try and see Strong Wind. She 

was wearing ____________ (5), and burn covered her face. People laughed 

at her, but she kept going. When she got to Strong Wind’s tent she waited.

When Strong Wind was coming, his sister asked the girl, “Do you see 


“No,” the girl answered. “I don’t see him.” Strong Wind’s sister was surprised 

because the girl had told the truth. “Now  do you see him?” asked Strong Wind’s  sister.

“Yes,” answered the girl. “Now, I do  see him. He is very wonderful.”

What is his _______________ (6) made of?” asked Strong Wind’s 


“The rainbow,” answered the girl.

“And what is the bowstring made of?” asked Strong Wind’s sister.

“Of Stars,” answered the girl.

Then Strong Wind’s sister knew that the girl could really see him. He 

had let her see him because she had told the truth.

“You really have seen him,” said Strong Wind’s sister. Then the sister 

washed the girl, and all the burns went away. Her hair grew ____________ 

(7) and black again. The sister dressed the girl in _______________ (8)

clothes. Strong Wind came and the girl became his wife.

The girl’s two older sisters were very angry, but Strong Wind turned 

them into aspen trees. Ever since that day, the leaves of the aspen tree 

always ______________ (9) with fear wherever he comes near, because 

they know he remembers their ______________ (10) and meanness.  

(taken from ‘Using Folktales’ by Eric K. Taylor).

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Kunci Jawaban:

Task 1: 

 1. invisible 2. rope 3.jealous 4. gentle 

 5. rags 6. bow 7. long 8. fine 

 9. tremble 10. Lying

If there is an answer key to the wrong question, sister, please write down the correct baby student in the comments column so that it can fix the answer key to the problem of the question,

soon there will be a final semester final exam in which this will greatly determine the increase in class ost students, in this case the exam is part of the learning applied by the school to determine or to measure the level of student ability in understanding the material conveyed by the teacher during This is where this has a very big effect on report card scores, usually the test scores obtained will be around 40%, how about today it means that if any student is too little, he gets a perfect score or above s90, which means that the vote in the number is too low. promotion.

For this reason, you invite all students to continue to study and continue to prepare themselves for the exam which will be held . One of the media that can be used is in school, is the article that you made this time which can be used to process yourself in the face of exams. will be held and you hope students to reduce their playing activities and spirits and start trying to prepare themselves for the test the song will be held.

Thus the discussion that you can capture this time, hopefully it will be useful for all of us Alamin brands, don’t forget to support the blog that says for this by giving 3 with brother, not this with other friends, hopefully this article will be useful

hello friends, on this occasion education science will provide a very extraordinary article where the article that is discussed this time by the knowledge given is to discuss the answer keys of the various subjects that cover this time is about the discussion of the answer key.

education science realizes that my answer key really needs to be discussed because the answer key is very important for lessons where students can help it can be helped by the presence of the answer key, but there are lots of answer key discussions on the internet, only a few discussions that can really help students in complete assignments given by the teacher.

well, this time the science of education will discuss the answer key that is truly correct so that it can help students complete the assignment given by the teacher by getting the perfect score, therefore education is very confident that learning to use the answer key we provide can completing assignments given by the teacher on time and getting such great marks.

pa da current students are experiencing learning from home these days due to the spread of the corona virus which is not controllable because the government encouraged the students to learn from home units it is to aim s efforts to marang ntar zero or cut the chain now is.

usually students with learning from home or online voices make students less understanding of the material provided by the teacher this will cause difficulties in the account of the gas given by the teacher due to a lack of understanding of the material provided by the teacher or that education is present to help students In terms of cooking the assignments given by the teacher in a timely manner.

even if the science ouch, you have discussed about the answer key, this does not mean that those who want to be given do not recommend learning to do the assignments given by the teacher first, education still recommends learning to complete the assignments given by the teacher first this will help students in jasmine disciplined work hard and never give up it is hoped that by doing or by doing assignments first students can solve problems that will come.

Students need to know that the best value is not angela obtained from cheating or writing answers from others but the best is the value obtained from one’s own ability and effort, even though the value obtained later does not contain war satisfaction but that is the best value because obtained from his own efforts.

here the science of education cannot convince or give perfect answers or get a perfect score, this is because the one who wants to be given a fish or gives the full ability to answer this answer key, but in the end all the correct answers are the most correct and correct again. teachers of each student as well.

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