Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 10 halaman 182 vocabulary builder

ask that I am also looking for reliable sources in making the right answer key this time where the sources I use are such as trusted books and sites where this will make me compare the answer key that I have created with the answer key that I was looking at sites with this I can conclude where the heck the most appropriate answer and correctly so ter make the answer keys right and right to help learners telephone as bright in completing the assignment of teachers and can gain value so big.

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Continue to know that the Capdase medicine knows that the best value is not Angela who has a large number but good is the value obtained from each of our efforts, not that obtained from cheating or writing the answer key, yes , this time my smart friend invites that before write the answer key that I made this time, friend of charles, first try to answer it yourself so that if there is a question that you don’t know the answer, you can use the alternative answer key that I made this time.


Match the words with their Indonesian equivalents. Compare your work to your classmate’s.


1. sled (noun) kereta es/sluncur

2. gentle (adjective) lembut

3. jealous (adjective) iri

4. rags (noun) baju lusuh

5. coals (noun) arang

6. remain (verb) tetap

7. bow (noun) panah

8. burn (verb) membakar

9. bowstring (noun) tali panah

10. turn into (verb) mengubah

11. tremble (adjective) bergetar

12. fear (noun) ketakutan

13. meanness (noun) kejahatan

with this, it can train the attitude of a smart friend to never give up being responsible and disciplined, hopefully with this attitude, smart friends can solve problems that arise both in the realm of school such as homework or even outside school.

the answer key this time I made it, I couldn’t make sure that the 100% history of the answer key that I made was able to get the perfect value na basically I have tried my best to what I can answer again, the key in the most appropriate answer is in the teacher each of them is equally smart for that smart subway, you need to know that the answer key that I created this time only serves as an alternative answer that can be used.

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The following is a discussion that I can give, I hope that this discussion can make it easier for smart friends to complete the assignment given by the teacher if there is an incorrect or incorrect answer key I apologize and I hope for friend Charles to write an answer key the most appropriate and correct are brought in the comments column.

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Ladies and gentlemen, on this occasion, are you going to share the meaning of the answer key where the answer key article this time is very important, it needs to be discussed because the answer key is one of the ways that can be used for yes, your timely content is necessary to discuss the answer key this time .

it comes from the fact that students are now learning through online media where like you whatsapp my classroom g youtube this usually makes it easy for people to understand what is being conveyed by the teacher, therefore the need for discussion this time is to be able to help students in completing the assignment given by the teacher so that later he can get such a great value.

one of the most important parts in the discussion of this answer key is how to make the correct and correct answer key where the answer keys discussed on the internet are very many, but only a few discuss the correct and correct answer keys.

Therefore, in this case, you have made a promise of correct and correct answers because after reading and understanding the time first, you can answer as much as you can, we are only that, you are also looking for legible sources such as books and the internet. This can make you compare the answer key that you use eternally or the one you answer with the answer key that you have been looking for so that you can conclude which answer key is the most appropriate and correct,

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