kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 10 halaman 173 dan 174 vocabulary exercise

students and students as well as in class promotion, which means that the test has a large weight in the assessment in the meeting.In that form , in this case, we want to remind you that your students must prepare themselves for the test so that students are able to get such great grades that can deliver students once the children move up the grade.and to reduce playing activities and start to prepare for the exam, use the discussion that we have made as one of the media used to prepare for the upcoming exam.

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Complete the sentence using the words from the box. You may need to use more than one word for one sentence.

live hard raided pirate

 bravery defeat wealthy

 recognize merchant denied

 pleaded cursed wrecked

1. Indonesian football team succeeded in AFC U-19 Championship. Our team 

_______________________ South Korean team.

2. In our national flag, white means purity and red means ________________.

3. “Is that Anna?” “I can’t __________________________ her. She looks  different when she’s wearing kebaya and sanggul.”

4. The thief ______________________ stealing the motorcycle when he was 

interviewed in the police station.

5. Captain Hook is the character of a famous ____________________ in the 

story of Peter Pan. 

6. In the past, __________________________ took their trading goods around 

the country using sailing boat.

7. Some people in big cities have to __________________________ by 

collecting plastic bottles to sell in the recycling factories.

8. When the hive was hit by a stone, the bees ___________________the boys 

with their stings.

9. The car was badly ______________________________ in the highway 

accident. Unfortunately, there were many injured victims in the accident.

10. In the past, only children from _________________________ families could 

get proper education, while the poor were uneducated.

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Kunci jawaban :


1. defeated 6. merchant

2. bravery 7. live hard

3. recognize 8. raided

4. denied 9. wrecked

5. pirate 10. Wealthy

at this time the school has implemented a health protocol in which the old school implements stretchy learning through online media which means my students and students as well as students’ equipment are learning from home or learning via cellphone.

There are lots of students and students who complain that there are a lot of assignments given by the teacher where these tasks can whiten and a lot of students and students are overwhelmed in answering or completing assignments given by the teacher, one factor is due to students and female students do not understand the material presented by the teacher.

hi this is because the media used is online media such as google plus skirt or YouTube, this will cause students and students to not understand what the teacher says.

For this reason, in this case we will help all students and students in completing the assignments given by the teacher, we are expected to be or we can help students and students as well as the tasks given by the teacher and we hope that students and students can be helped. and reduce or reduce their stress.

what we can provide is to provide a discussion about the answer key regarding the assignments given by the teacher which is expected to help students and students alike in adjusting the assignments given by the teacher which is expected in the discussion we have made. can be of great value to students who use the discussion we have created here.

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