1. Who is Strong Wind?

hello, my smart friend, this time I will share a discussion that is very important for smart friends, where we are equally intelligent, we will provide an article that discusses answer keys where the answer key is very important in the world of education where the answer key is part of the discussion or learning in schools where the school answer key helps students in completing tasks given by the teacher.

1. Who is Strong Wind?  2. What was Strong Wind’s special capability?  3. How would Strong Wind’s sister know that the girls were lying?  4. Who burned the chief ’s youngest daughter?

There is no need to deny that you really need the correct and correct answer key where the correct and correct answer key is very difficult to find at this time I will discuss the answer key that is very precise and correct because make it read and understand the problem first, that’s why I very sure if my friend is replied to using the article that we made because it will not get a satisfactory value.

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Task 2: 

Answer the following questions:

1. Who is Strong Wind?

2. What was Strong Wind’s special capability?

3. How would Strong Wind’s sister know that the girls were lying?

4. Who burned the chief ’s youngest daughter? 

5. Who could see Strong Wind and how could she do that?

6. How did the chief ’s youngest daughter regain her old face? 

7. What did Strong Wind change into an aspen tree? 

8. Did Strong Wind know that the chief ’s elder daughters were rude to their  youngest sister? Justify your answer.

9. Why did Strong Wind decide to have the chief ’s youngest daughter as his  wife?  

10. If you were in the story, which role would you play? Why?

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1. He was a great warrior who lived in a tent by the sea.

2. Strong Wind was able to make himself invisible.

3. By identifying their guesses. If their guesses were wrong, she could  conclude that the girls were lying.

4. Her elder sisters burned her face.

5. The chief ’s youngest daughter. She could do this because Strong Wind had  let her see him.

6. Strong Wind’s sister washed her face and the face clean again.

7. The chief ’s elder daughters was turned into aspen trees.

8. Yes, he knew that.

9. Because she was an honest girl.

10.  The answer is up to the students’ preferences.

11. Strong Wind decided to have the chief youngest daughter as his wife  because he had promised to marry anyone who could see him and the girl  could see him because she was honest.

12. Jawaban terserah S, semua jawaban S dihargai. If I were in the story, I  would like to be …..

The following is a discussion that we give to a smart friend in completing the assignment given by the teacher. Hopefully with this discussion, what kind of smart friend will get a satisfactory score.

The best itself is not the value obtained from cheating or writing other people’s answers. The best is how we try to answer the questions or assignments given by the Palopo teacher, the value is said to be relatively small, but the nonet value is the result of our own efforts.

Value is part of learning because value is very important for a student, therefore I invite students to always complete the assignment given by the teacher because this is closely related to class increase for students as well.

If there is a wrong answer from the discussion of the questions we provide this time I hope to try to be smart to write the most correct answer in the comments column so that other people who use the answers we have made can get perfect scores or can describe the ones bigger than the others, hopefully this discussion will benefit us all, amen amen, robbal alamin


Hello friends, welcome to the educational blog, this time you will share an article that discusses the world of education, where the topic you brought up today is about the discussion of answer keys, answer keys really need to be discussed because answer keys can help students or division of students in completing assignments on time and obtaining high marks.

Therefore, the correct and correct answer key is needed so that with the correct place and answer key it can make or an opinion lead students to complete assignments on time and get satisfactory grades, for that in the discussion of the article that you made this time you did not write an article. at random but you have made articles by reading and understanding the questions first, then you try to answer as much as you can.

so you are sure if the discussion of the article you made, you are sure that the article you made can provide great value for students who use it to answer assignments given by the teacher, for that you invite students and students not to hesitate use or write articles or answers that you bring here because you believe the answers you make can provide satisfactory grades for all students.

One of the things that must be done by a student is to do the assignment given by the teacher, the function of the assignment given by the teacher to students is to find out whether a student has understood what the teacher has said or not, he knows that function is also so that a student can independently complete the tasks given by the teacher which is expected with the existence of this place students can independently in justika problems that will come later.

Saute until it functions as a measure to determine the report card value, which means that the assignment is one of the determining factors for the increase in the grade of all students, where this is what is obtained from the assignment value will be accumulated entirely then only a few percent will be taken to be included in the report card score, for that brother invites students to always be serious in completing the assignment given by the teacher because it is closely related to the increase in the class of all students.

Brother here wants to remind you that discussing love, brother, for this is basically a discussion that you have read from student books, which means that you can’t be sure that your answer key can give a perfect score, imagine you can only give tea, it can only produce that The answer key that you made can provide a satisfactory value, meaning that your answer key may have an error in your answer.

For this reason, you hope that all students are always careful, meaning that they invite students before writing the answers you have made to go back to check whether your answer is correct or not, because the most appropriate and correct answer key returns to the teacher. each student as well as this girl’s frame can only do the best you can.

If the students all find the wrong answer from the Barca questions, expect the students to write the most appropriate and correct answer key in the comments column so that you can correct the wrong answer key and so that other students use the answer key that is older than your brother. not this can get a greater value.

soon there will be a final semester exam in which the exam really determines the increase in the class of students as well, for that if the students do not prepare themselves to take the exam then it is certain that students will not go up to class for that, let’s start now, brother invite for students as well as to prepare themselves for the exam, one of the ways is to take advantage of this article that you made as a medium to prepare for the upcoming exam.

and to reduce playing activities and start learning little by little in preparing for the upcoming exams, here is a discussion that can be given, hopefully with this discussion that continues to provide it can help students in adjusting the assignments given by the teacher appropriately time and get great value.

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