1. What does the first verse of the song talk about? Say it in one sentence.

hello brother all welcome to our blog. many opportunities this time we will share articles about education where this time the discussion we take is a hat regarding the answer key.
The answer key is a solution used for a student where the answer key can help with the condition that the teacher can quickly complete the assignment given by the teacher on time and get satisfactory grades.

task mer upakan very important thing for a student where duties are part of the learning process in which tasks are used to as a determinant of whether a student has met or has to understand the material that had been described.
In that sense, gas is a measure to determine whether a student knows or has understood the material presented by the teacher. assignments are used as one of the determinants of class promotion, meaning that a student is very much determined whether the value obtained from the assignment is good or not this is very influential in class promotion for a student.
1. What does the first verse of the song talk about? Say it in one sentence.
2. In your opinion, what does “To brighten up even your darkest night” mean?
3. Why does the writer mention four seasons i.e. winter, spring, summer or fall in the song?
4. What does this verse mean? Say it in one sentence.
 If the sky above you
 Should turn dark and full of clouds
 And that old north wind should begin to blow
 Keep your head together
 And call my name out loud, yeah
 Soon I’ll be knocking upon your door
5. Which verse is repeated in the song? Why?
6. What is “ain’t” ? Can you find the synonym of ain’t?
7. In general, what is the song about?
8. What is your opinion about the song?

Kunci Jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 10 


1.  When you are sad, think of me and you will be happy.

2.  To make you happy (answers may vary, but the point is this)

3.  To express that she will come anytime she is needed.

4.  If you begin to feel sad, just keep calm, and I will come to you soon. (answers  may vary, but the point is this)

5.  You just call out my name

 And you know wherever I am

 I’ll come running to see you again

 Winter, spring, summer or fall

 All you have to do is call

 And I’ll be there, yes I will.

 This verse is repeated because it is the core meaning of the song. 

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6.  “ain’t” basically has negative meanings. Its synonyms are doesn’t, don’t, aren’t, 

or didn’t. 

7.  About a friend who promises to always help her friend, anytime she is needed.

8.  Answer may vary.

by because we were invited for the learning to be more serious in completing the tasks assigned by the teacher because of this be rkaitan with the increase in class as a student.
We know that the correct answer key is highly recommended because the answer key really determines the value that will be obtained later, for that the answer key is not just a writing that explains the meaning of an answer.
Ando, in making this answer key, we are not arbitrary but we have read and understood the problem first then you try as much as possible we can to be able to answer the answer key that is the most correct and correct, we are also looking for other sources such as sources. trusted books or websites which today really shape us in comparing the answer keys that we have created with the answer keys with other people with this we can conclude that which answer key is the most appropriate and correct.
therefore I invite the learners to not hesitate to use the answer key that we have created because we are quite sure that the answer key we made is very precise and correct and can provide satisfactory grades for students or for other students who use it. The answer key that we made is because we have read and understood the problem first and the comics, yes, the answer key that we created is very unlikely to get the average value.
below is the discussion that we have made for both students who are looking for the most appropriate and correct answer key. Hopefully with this discussion students can complete the assignment given by the teacher on time and we hope that students can get the right grade. satisfying which can ultimately increase poverty in the end students get a grade promotion bill dragon.
that’s the discussion we can give this time, hopefully with this discussion it can be useful for all of us and don’t forget to take it by dividing the belt we made, hopefully that way we are even more enthusiastic in making the same article.
Thank you guys for visiting our blog, hopefully it will be useful for all robbal alamin friends and don’t forget to share the three that you made, to subscribe to our blog because by subscribing you can get the latest notifications from the three that we made. And friends don’t have to worry about the free subscription in return.
today I will provide a discussion of the answer key article where the answer key is a lot of students who are looking for this answer key, not only students who are looking for answer keys, it is not uncommon for parents to also look for helping students or helping their children in your mission. given by the teacher.
as it is known that assignments are part of what is used by the school to find out whether you have understood the material presented by the teacher for that assignment is also used as a benchmark for a teacher to find out whether students or students have understood the material presented by him.
writing is also used as to determine the grade of report cards, which means that the assignment is used as one part of determining the class increase where this means that the meaning of the assignment is the most important part of learning.
by because it locks proper and correct answer is required of you. because this is very closely related to your increase in class if you don’t do your assignments well you have the potential not to go up to the grade for that I invite you to do your best to complete the assignment maximally so that you can get this perfect one.
nil ai the best instead of manila obtained by cheating or hear the answers from others so as to obtain the value of the perfect it is not a good value great is the value derived from their own business venture Sendir i seeking answers carefully where this is yes where this will make a person appreciate the effort so that whatever results are obtained once the value is perfect or imperfect, that is the best value according to him.

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