1. what do you think the poem ‘dreams’ is about?

One day, Lahilote noticed something strange about his wife. He thought that his wife had been cooking rice for him for several months, but the rice in the barn had never decreased. He also never saw his wife pounding rice like other people did. Therefore, arose his intention to monitor his wife’s day-to-day behavior. He was sure that his wife was keeping something from him.

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The next day, Lahilote pretended to say goodbye to his wife to go to the garden. Without the slightest suspicion, Boilode Huwala immediately cooked one grain of rice in a pot and covered it tightly. While waiting for the rice to cook, he went to the well to wash clothes. At that moment, Lahilote, who was hiding behind a large tree behind his house, immediately slipped into the kitchen. How shocked he was when he opened the lid of the fairy. He saw that the contents of the pot were only a grain of rice.

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1. what do you think the poem ‘dreams’ is about?

2. do you think dreams can be realize?

3. do you agree with Langston that life in wingless without dreams? discuss

4. how does the poem make you feel?

5. what do you think the poet is saying? do you agree? give reason.

 Baca juga:

Baca juga:

1.dream is one of many people wish even their body was in sleep

2.yes,but if its was not balance with the work will be nothing

3.no,because nothing about dream will be as real as real life


5.i agree

“Oh, it’s no wonder that the rice in the barn has never decreased, my wife only cooks a grain of rice every day. But, why is he keeping it a secret to me? ” he thought as he left the kitchen.

Not long after, Boilode returned from the well. How shocked he was when he went into the kitchen to check the contents of the pot.

“Wow, woe! Why is the rice still a grain? Has my husband seen the contents of this pot? ” he thought.

After Princess Boilode Hulawa left it for a while on the stove, the rice remained unchanged. Seeing this, his whole body became limp and lackluster. He could only sit pensive regretting his fate because his secret was uncovered. Thus, he had to go back to work hard.

Since then, Princess Boilode has had to pound rice every day for cooking. The days the paddy in their barn is getting less and less. A year later, the rice supply in their barn ran out. As he was about to pick up the last of the grains to pound, he saw an object under the layer of the barn.

“Hey, what is that thing? Looks like I’ve seen him? ” muttered Princess Boilode.

After examining and observing the object carefully, Boilode gasped in surprise. Apparently, it was none other than his long lost wing. Seeing the wing, she knew that it was her husband who had taken her wing. He could no longer hide his joy. His desire to return to his country is getting bigger and bigger. However, when he took the wings his heart was sad again, because some parts of his wings had been torn off.

“Wow, these wings need stitches. But, how do you not get caught by my husband? ” said Boilode, confused.

After thinking hard, he finally found a way. She will pretend to be nauseous and admit to being pregnant in front of her husband. That way, Lahilote will definitely feel happy and happy, and will fulfill his wife’s wishes.

The next day, Boilode pretended to be nauseous and wanted to eat sea fish.

“Kanda! Dinda’s stomach feels nauseous. Dinda really wants to eat sea fish. Will Kanda go find him? ” asked Boilode, pretend.

Without the slightest suspicion and with pleasure, Lahilote immediately went to sea to fulfill Boilode’s request. After her husband left, she immediately sewed up the parts of her torn wings. Finally, thanks to his efforts and perseverance, his wings are back to normal and can be used to return to his country. Before flying to Kahyangan, she gave a message to her husband’s rice barn.

“O, Rice Granary! If my husband has returned from the sea and asks me, please don’t tell him that I have found my wings. Do not you also tell him that I have returned to my country, “said Boilode.

After that, Boilode also advised the doors, windows, kitchens, pots, and all other hand utensils with the same message, namely that they keep their going to Lahilote a secret. Apart from that, he also gave a message to the plants, grass and trees with the same message. Only to the Hutia Mala (rattan) tree he did not give a message, because according to the story, Hutia Mala is the only tree that does not want to be influenced by anyone. He will always be honest and speak according to the truth.

After that, Boilode Hulawa flew into the sky. Before reaching the sky, she first saw the condition of her husband who was fishing in the sea. From the air, she saw her husband was resting and sleeping on his back on the beach. She also spat on her husband with luwa la pomama (betel nut water) and hit his chest right. After that, he continued his journey towards the door of the sky. Meanwhile, Lahilote immediately woke up as soon as he felt warm water on his chest. After observing and smelling the water of the luwa lo pomama, he was sure that the luwa lo pomama had come out of his wife’s mouth.

“Well, maybe my wife has found the wings?” he thought.

Without thinking, Lahilote immediately ran back to his house and inspected the barn. It turned out that his guess was right, the wings were no longer in their place. Knowing that, limp all over his body. To strengthen his belief, he immediately sought information by asking everyone around him, but no one wanted to tell his wife’s whereabouts. Even so, he didn’t want to give up. He kept trying to find information here and there tirelessly.

After days of walking in and out of the forest, Lahilote finally met Hutia Mala and learned that his wife had returned to Heaven. Lahilote then asked Hutia Mala for help in escorting him to Kahyangan. The magic tree was willing to help him, but Lahilote had to fulfill several requirements, namely: pomala-malabi`u ode Pakusina, wau Dakusina, ode Masariku, wawu Magaribu (willing to be thrown into the land of Palestine, to Damascus, to the East, to the West, and to the whole world. four corners); looking for a cat loved by the prophet to be assigned to guard the trunk of Hutia Mala from being eaten by mice; and provides seven coconuts with hard skin when peeled (bongo pi`ita) for the cat’s food.

Without thinking, Lahilote agreed to these requirements. After preparing all the requirements, he immediately climbed the Hutia Mala tree. When he was in a tree, he was thrown as fast as lightning in all directions of the cardinal directions. How horrified Lahilote felt through the test. He held on as hard as he could so that his body would not be thrown. After Hutia Mala stood upright and silent, Lahil ote continued his journey to the Land of Heaven. Boilode Hulawa and his siblings immediately noticed his arrival. However, Boilode Hulawa pretended not to know her husband. Meanwhile, Lahilote was confused about recognizing his wife among the seven beautiful women in front of him, because their looks and beauty were exactly the same, so it was difficult to tell the difference.

Lahilote is getting more and more confused because his stomach feels very hungry. He will starve to death if he is not fed. He wanted to ask his wife for help, but he did not know which of the seven nymphs was. Because he could no longer endure his hunger, he burst into tears. A few moments later, an old man came over to him.

“Hi, human child! What are you worried about, so sad? ” asked the man.

Lahilote also shared his origins and worries with the old man.

“Calm down, young man! Go see them! Pay attention to which one of them has the fireflies between the lines of his forehead, then that’s your wife, “said the old man as he disappeared somewhere.

With this clue, Lahilote returned to meet the seven angels. As soon as he met and saw one of them being seized by a firefly, he immediately hugged him tightly.

“My wife, Kanda really misses you,” said Lahilote while shedding tears.

“Not! I’m not your wife, “argued the daughter, struggling.

Actually that princess is none other than Boilode Hulawa. However, he tried to dodge and avoid Lahilote, because he remembered his suffering when he was on earth. Finally he relented after Lahilote urged him and did not want to let go of his embrace. Even so, he didn’t want to take it for granted. Lahilote must meet several requirements if Lahilote still wants to marry him. The first requirement was that Lahilote had to cut down a large tree using a small knife.

“How can a small knife cut down a large tree?” he thought confusedly.

In the midst of his confusion, suddenly a maggot came over and gave him help. The woodpecker and his flock immediately pecked the tree trunk until it fell. After that, Lahilota immediately carried out the next requirement, namely to lift the large wood to a place without leaving a sprig and a single leaf. Lahilote also succeeded in carrying out this condition with the help of a large snake. And so on, Lahilote always gets help until it succeeds in fulfilling all the requirements of the Hulawa Boilode.

Boilode Hulawa also kept his promise, namely willing to have a husband-wife relationship with Lahilote. Since then, Lahilote has lived in the Land of Heaven and has been treated like a prince. They live in harmony, peace and happiness. However, this happiness did not last long because of the discovery of gray hair on Lahilote’s head. According to the prevailing custom, none of the inhabitants of Heaven can gray, because this is a sign of old age. The people of Kahyangan must live eternal lives and stay young. That is what makes Boilode Hulawa anxious.

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