1. invictus means unconquered in latin. what does it say about the poem ?

After the death of the hunter, Damayanti alone began to walk again to explore the wilderness that was creepy, threatening and full of dangers. The sound of crickets chirping made the dark forest even more tense. He then walked gently and carefully through the lion’s den, past the hiding places of tigers, deer, bulls and other beasts. Various types of colorful birds jumped from the branches. This forest is uninhabited because there live many cannibals and human flesh-eating nations. Damayanti then took the path away past the lair of greedy humans and thieves, where wild humans and robbers lived.

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1. invictus means unconquered in latin. what does it say about the poem ?   2. why do you think the poet is not frightened   3. do youlike the poem "invictus" ? 4

Various trees grow in the forest, from bamboo to banyan trees, then fruit trees; guava, mango and jackfruit then big trees and strong trunked tamarind and ebony trees. He then walked past a grove of red apples and mangoes, then through a garden of sugarcane. He took the path where many flowers were blooming: Seroja, Dahlia and Jasmine. He then stopped under a thousand fig trees, whose shade was shading him from the scorching sun and the trees dropping fruit. He ate the figs that had fallen

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1. invictus means unconquered in latin. what does it say about the poem ? 

2. why do you think the poet is not frightened 

3. do youlike the poem “invictus” ? 4

. do you agree with what the poet is saying ? why ? why not ? 

5. do you think poems can change people ?

Jawaban halaman 93

1. The poem ‘invictus’ tells about the endurance of one’s soul against the pain and misery which makes one stronger

2. Because the poet was grateful with his circumstance of coming back strong.

3. I like this poem as it can inspire you to stay strong against the whole suffering in this world.

4. I completely agree with what is in the poem as all obstacles in this life can bring out the best of us when we endure.

5. Yes, it can change people combined with the perfect circumstance and figure to inspire.

He started walking again into the next forest fold, now reaching a clump of very old banyan trees. The banyan tendrils are intricate, intricate and tangled along their way to reach the creek. Rivers and streams rush through the forest through marshes. Now the tree clumps are even more diverse. And Damayanti was walking down the hill, getting lost, still looking for her husband Nala who had been possessed by the spirit Kali.

When he had passed through a lush place, the crevices of the mountains were greenish, the lakes and beaches were soft like a crystal puddle. Birds and wild beasts of all shapes and types roam there in the forest full of demits, gentlemen, fairies and dwarves. He was amazed at the many forms of places where he stayed in the forest. But nowhere did he see Nala. Then he languished again as if searching in vain. His every body shivered with agony.


She has wandered farther and farther since forgetting the path to Vidarbha, hunger and stress from being separated from her husband, and she started wailing again.


O King Nisadha,

you mighty,

broad chested and strong arms,

where are you going

and why did you leave me

in the nameless forest?

Oh my lord

will i die alone

miserable in the forest, torn apart by wild animals?

God, beloved,

why did you leave me?


And Damayanti got up again and went north until days he then reached the grove of trees where the holy hermit made his hermitage in the sacred forest.

In a story, he says from a holy book, I don’t know what is certain is not from the tweets of the American-made blue bird, nor from the status updates from the social media bearing the letter F; there is Nishadha, a land very far away in a valley in the Vindhya mountains, perhaps one of the tributaries on the slopes of Mount Slamet. Once upon a time, a President was appointed from his people — the Nishadhas tribe — after winning the election, his name was Wirasena and he was a leader who was loved by his people.


Wirasena had a son, Nala, and when he died Prince Nala succeeded him as king instead of president. Nala is a handsome man and a wise leader and wise. Even though he was a young king, he was bestowed with various glories from the gods: immense knowledge, genius and wealth. His glory is not only wealth and dignity of king status, but also gift of physical beauty, Ariel Noah and Korean drama actors are nothing. Nala is very good at horse riding. And he can speak their language and captivate it. And when he spurred his horse, the beast that did not rotate was running fast as fast as the wind. In addition, Nala is very good at cooking.


All the gifts of gods, having a wealth of intelligence, honor and a handsome face are not a guarantee for a man to easily find his partner, it also applies to Nala. He is still single and has no wife even though he is crazy about women all over the country. And because he is still immersed in his royal affairs, he has not yet found a vision of what a life partner will look like.


One day a brahmana came to see Prabu Nala. Prabu Nala always paid attention to and respected the Brahamana, he entertained them well. And while they were sitting in the courtyard of the palace which was filled with grass and flowers, Nala asked the Brahmin:


“What’s up? What can you tell us from your experience in a far country? “


The brahmin replied, “O King! I have news to share with you, Great King who is good at horse riding. I have visited Vidarbha kingdom and met Princess Damayanti. She was beautiful, radiant like a lotus flower and she was the smartest I have ever met. In the journey I have done, I have never seen a daughter who is as beautiful and elegant as Princess Damayanti.




The brahmin reached into his robe and took out the Android Tablet and showed Nala the photo of Princess Damayanti.


“Wow …!” Nala gaped without blinking.


“What is the Twitter username and facebok, O Brahmana?”


The brahmin shook his head.


“WA or the BBM pin?”


“I’m sorry, Sire,” replied the brahmana, “Never mind Twitter, Facebook, WA or BBM. In Vidarbha country there is no signal, no internet connection. ” The brahmin continued with a sad face.


“Just take the photos on Bluetooth.”


Nala is upset and upset, and she updates her status more frequently while looking at Damayanti’s photos. Because at that time it was very unusual for a man to ask out. He had to wait for the woman, or father, to make the first move. Nala became miserable because of the idol she had never met and began to neglect her state duties. He spent hours in his palace garden daydreaming about Damayanti.


“What if Damayanti chooses to marry another man? Oh I have to tell her how much I love her. I have to know if he also loves me. But how? “


A flock of geese who live on the lake in the royal garden every day observe the languid king wasting his time. Then one night the leader of the geese approached the king and asked:


“O king! You are in trouble. You look really very worried. What is happening, O my King? “


“Ahhhhhh! I fell in love with a beautiful and beautiful princess that I have never met, “replied the king,” I want to tell her how I feel – and know how she feels about me – but I do not know how. “


“O king! I can’t stand to see you in trouble. I will fly to the princess and will serve as your messenger. I will tell the princess how handsome and how good you are. “


Nala’s face turned radiant, eventually the problem will be resolved soon. Since there was no more romantic way to seduce a girl, that night Nala also sent a swan to Vidarbha. Then every morning and evening Nala went to the park to see if the goose had returned but then he was disappointed, it had been a week since the goose had not returned since flying happily across deserts, mountain meadows and forests.


The journey was very far and took quite a long time. Finally, when the messenger arrived at his destination he immediately perched on the Damayanti residence.


The princess was reading a book when she looked out the window at the golden feathered swan. “How beautiful that swan is.” Thought Damayanti. “Can I take care of it.” He then stepped outside to catch it.


The goose began to speak. “Oh beautiful princess!” Damayanti was shocked to hear a goose talking. “I wish I could tell you about King Nala.” Damayanti nodded. “He is the most brave king, and a lover of people and animals. More handsome than any man in the universe! He asked me to tell you that he loves you very much. “


Damayanti had heard of the famous King Nala. He was too happy when he heard the great king loved him.


“Oh, goose with golden hair! I also returned love to Raja Nala. Go back to him and deliver this message, the King must come immediately when the Competition is announced. “


The messenger was very happy to bring this news. He then flew across the grasslands and forests back to Nisahada.


To hold and organize the Contest was not as easy as Damayanti thought. Damayanti could not directly convey her intention to her parents because it would be a great shame for her dignity. Finally Damayanti started acting up. He pretends to lose his passion, acting as if whatever he sees is gloomy and empty. He then ate less than usual and lost weight and many other strange behaviors. Finally her mother saw that Damayanti was not like her, and then she expressed her thoughts to her husband. The king then immediately ordered the royal doctor to find out what disease was bothering his daughter. As soon as the doctor concluded nothing, the king realized that his daughter had now grown up to be a girl and it was time for her to get married.


Contests are announced.


Nala left immediately. Because he was an excellent Esquarian-rider — he soon reached Vidarbha.


The news of the contest had also reached the heavens where the gods lived. The four gods namely, Indra, Agni, Varun, and Yama.


“Bro, let’s go down to Mayapada,” said Indra. “Our artist is holding a contest.” The other gods nodded. Finally down to earth to try his luck.


While on their way the four gods met Nala and rebuked her. They made a request to Nala. Nala protested that she had to know what was asked of them before accepting her request. Indra is angry.


“Humans consider it an honor when we ask them to do something. But you made a fuss. Don’t you know our strength? We can finish you and not reach the Competition at all, “Indra yelled like thunder.


Nala then accepted it obediently.


Then Indra told Nala to approach Damayanti and beg her to choose from the four gods.


Nala was taken aback. “How can I act against my own interests,” he pleaded.


Indra repeated his threat. Nala racked her brains.


“We are allowed in the palace only on the day when the Contest is held and on that very day the contest is held,” he said, “How do I meet Damayanti?”

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