KUNCI JAWABAN bahasa inggris kelas 12 halaman 198 199 chapter 13

tips yang kedua mulailah mempersiapkan diri satu minggu sebelum ujian nyangka diadakan supaya adik-adik dapat menjawab soal-soal dengan mudah di hutan tersebut.


nah kembali lagi di pembahasan kita yaitu kunci jawaban perlu adik-adik ketahui bahwasannya kunci jawaban ini koko merasa yakin jika dibanding menggunakan kunci jawaban yang kau buat beli kadek akan memperoleh nilai yang memuaskan.

Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 12 task 6 halaman 198

yang mana jika dia di menggunakan ataupun menulis jawaban yang kau kembali ini ada adek otomatis akan memperoleh nilai setidaknya semalem follow ataupun 100.

Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 12 halaman 198,199 chapter 13 bab 13 task 6 halaman 198  bab 13 task 7 halaman 199 chapter 13 task 6 halaman 198  c

 hal tersebut dikarenakan dalam proses pembuatan kunci jawaban ini ataupun artikel ini kakak tulang marissa terlebih dahulu hal-hal yang kakak riset tersebut adalah yang pertama ketika telah memahami apa yang diinginkan soal.

Task 6: Comprehension Questions

Answer the following question briefly.

1. What was the main agenda of the conference?

2. What was probably the main reason for holding  the conference?

3. Why was Surabaya selected to be the conference venue?

4. How important was the conference for Indonesia? 

5. Has Indonesia implemented the three Rs so far? 

6. What did Rismaharini believe to be the best municipal waste management?

7. What made the mayor very convinced about her waste management? 

8. How did the mayor educate students to live a zero waste life? 

9. What do you think about the mayor’s concept on municipal waste management?

Kunci jawaban task 6 halaman  198


1. The main agenda of the conference is to increase people’s awareness of waste management for economic and environmental benefits.

2. Awareness about waste management has not been good. 

3. International world thinks that Surabaya has been successful in managing municipal waste through the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle). 

4. The conference was important because Indonesian could contribute giving ideas about how to manage waste and learn from other countries about the same thing. The conference could also attract people’s attention in Indonesia, especially Surabaya and increase their awareness about waste management.  

5. The 3R has been implemented in Indonesia, such as in Surabaya.

6. All households should participate in recycling waste activities. 

7. After the involvement of the household in recycling waste activities, there was reduction of trash that was taken to landfills. From 2,300 meter cubic per day, the volume shrank into 1,200 meter cubic.  

8. The major launched a program which was called eco schools. 

9. It is very good because the waste management involve households so that it can grow people’s awareness about waste management. It is also good because the program –eco schools- can educate students about waste management. 

Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 12 task 7 halaman 199

yang kedua kakak lakukan adalah kakak berusaha memahami apa yang dijelaskan atau yang dipaparkan di materi tersebut sehingga secara otomatis antara soal dan materi dapat disambungkan dapat diskonasisten.

 tanya itu biasanya kakak juga mencari pembahasan dari situ situ semua nai pembahasan dari tugas-tugas tersebut supaya gak ada apaan membandingkan jawaban yang telah kakak buat dengan jawaban orang lain agar kakak dapat menyimpulkan mana si jawaban yang paling kepada benar.

 supaya adik-adik sekalian dapat memperoleh nilai yang sempurna yang mana narasumber telah tersebut akan di dimasukkan di dalam nilai rapot dan akan memperoleh kenaikan kelas nantinya.

Task 7: Making a script for a news broadcast

 Read Task 2 again (in C- COLLECTING INFORMATION). After you get inputs from your teacher about the structure of a radio news report, use the information to modify the reading text above into a script for a news broadcast. Do that in pairs, then compare your work with your classmates’.

Kunci jawaban task 7 halaman 199

Good morning.  Welcome to our Morning News programI am  Dina Sudina

 Indonesia has opened a regional recycling conferenceaimed at increasing awareness of waste managementfor economic and environmental benefits. The Fifth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacificwhich opened in Surabaya Tuesday, is being  attended by 300 participants from nearly 40 Asia andPacific countries.The city was chosen to host the event because of itssuccess in managing municipal waste through the 3RsReduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Ucok Harahap reports 

 Mayor Tri Rismaharini said waste transportationis expensive and that the best way to address theproblem is at its sources, with every householdinvolved in recycling activities. “We can see thatevery year there is a reduction in the volume oftrash that ends up in the landfill.  When I was thehead of Sanitation and Parks, it was 2,300 cubicmeters per day.  Currently it’s 1,200 cubicmetersshe explained. “So you can see the reduction, which goes to composting centers, also in the community, and waste management centers.”The mayor said the city also runs a program for children called eco school.”The school does not only teach about the environment but also introduces environmental-friendly practices, such as the eco school program where they bring theirown plates and cups to reduce plastic waste.  They even don’t use drinking straws,” added Tri Rismaharini. The conference will continue until Thursday.

I am Marcell

 And I’m Dini Sudini. Join us again tomorrow for another Morning News from your favorite radio station.

Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 12 bab 13 task 6 halaman 198
Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 12 bab 13 task 7 halaman 199
Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 12 chapter 13 task 6 halaman 198
Kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 12 chapter 13 task 7 halaman 199 
 bab 13 task 6 halaman 198
 bab 13 task 7 halaman 199
chapter 13 task 6 halaman 198
 chapter 13 task 7 halaman 199 

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